Scruffy Beard – Maintain it Today!

Scruffy beard or your unkempt stubble growth is the ultimate way to give yourself the wilder, unkempt appearance that you have always been looking for. It not just another runway fashion style, but can take your personality for a drive … Read more

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The Best Beard Styles For Your Face Shape

Optimal facial aesthetics are defined by the style of beard you are carrying. You can literally make or break your style with the type of beard you are trying to carry.

But here goes the prime question!

How do your … Read more

Are bearded men better lovers?

Are bearded men better lovers?

A study conducted by psychologists at the University of Queensland concluded that women perceived bearded men to be better lovers and worthy of long term relationships.

A sample of 8,250 women was taken for the study to conclude the lingering … Read more


What is No Shave November or Movember?

No Shave November – alternatively known as Movember – has become the ultimate test of a man: Originally created as a way to spread awareness of prostate cancer, it is simultaneously a challenge to see which of your friends can … Read more