Why Do I Need To Use Beard Oil?

Beard Oil is the most fundamental product for any ‘Beardsman’ out there. Please understand that if you want to grow a Beard and keep it healthy, smooth and feeling great like the Beard of Zeus, then you need to have … Read more


We’ve been extolling the virtues of growing a beard and have put up many blog entries to that end. However, we just realized that all our articles have been directed at guys, and well, that’s just wrong! Ultimately, it’s no Read more

The REAL Reasons Why You Should Grow A Beard!

…and it’s probably not what you think it is! Or is it?

Okay! So we love our Beards which is why we’ve been promoting a culture of beard growth amongst Indian men. Oh, Yeah! Beards are the best!

Now, maybe … Read more

Karan Chadha - GangsofBeard.com

Our New Year Resolution – Beard Growth

Wow! Just Wow! The last few months have been just incredible. We’ve had phenomenal response for our products, our service and for all the cool stuff we’ve been doing to entertain you, our members. It’s very heartwarming to read your … Read more