Products and use


Nourish your beard daily with GOB’s Oil to keep it silky smooth and smelling manly.

Gangs of Beard Beard Oil has been developed by months of research and is made with the finest blends of oils. Simply put, it is the best in the market. The Oil has been designed to hydrate your skin and beard and keep it strong and healthy, making it grow faster and thicker. It’s cool, clean and crisp fragrance will make you smell godly.


  • Softer and smoother beard
  • Looks shiny but not greasy
  • Minimizes beard itch
  • Repairs damaged beard hair

How to use

Give a healthy pour of the oil on your palm. You might need extra depending on your beard size. Rub you hands and apply generously on beard and moustache.


Get your moustache and beard game up with our sculpting wax. Are you sick of your ‘stache falling into your mouth when you eat?

Tame your stache and mane with GOB’s special Wax. Gangs of Beard wax is a royal blend of Natural Earth and beeswax to give your moutache  control. Get creative in styling your whiskers and eliminate those flyaway  hair that keep falling into your mouth when you eat.


– Strong yet flexible hold

– Natural finish

– Never flakes

– Water Soluble

How to use

For best result, Dry your moustache and beard before applying.

For moustache: Scrape off the wax with your index finger. Rub the wax between your index finger and thumb to make it even and workable. Apply to your moustache starting from centre to the lips.

Beard: Scoop off the wax with your index and middle finger. Rub between your palms to make it consistent and smooth. Apply on both sides and front of the beard.

Remember, Less is more – so start with the small amount. You can always add more, if necessary.


Whether it’s food, drinks, or your natural environment, debris is bound to find its way into your beard. Our shampoo has been specially designed for your facial hair and skin making it the finest wash in the market. It gentle lather will clean and moisturise your beard and restore it to its epic natural state.

How to use

Apply a small amount to wet beard, massage well, and rinse thoroughly.


– Cleanses beards without dehydrating them

– Moisturizes and refreshes

– Detangles

– Helps eliminate beard-dandruff