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Effective tips to keep food out of the beard

Effective tips to keep food out of the beard

Historically, men have gone to great lengths to keep food out of the beards.

There are some meals which end up in beard more than in mouth. This might seems like a better case to get rid of your facial hair or else give it a big trim.

NEVER! There is no real man who will choose food over magnificent Beards. So there should be no question about to be bearded or not to be.

Having beards and mustaches are a part of man’s personality.

Although urban beards men are subjected to many obstacles letting their beard manes grow. There is no great hurdle other than to learn about how to eat & drink with a grown hairy face.

Being able to eat a plate full of snacks with hot drink steaming up with a bowl of soup without getting half the ingredients stuck in your beard is definitely a big issue.

One such instinct is to simply comb them out of the beard but that doesn’t work very well.

But don’t fear! There are some ways to keep your beard clean nhealthy while still enjoying your favorite cuisines. We will help you to master these tips & teach you how to eat with beard. Follow these effective tips to eat & drink with a beard to keep them dirt free & hygienic.

Follow these effective tips to eat with a beard and keep them dirt free & hygienic.

1) Be Aware of your Surroundings
Make sure about what is kept near your face. Being cognizant of what is in front of you is a pro-tip which is important for you to keep your beard in a safe zone.

2) Take Small Bites of Food
The less food on the spoon, the more chance of not getting it stuck on your facial hair!
Don’t overload the utensils. Instead, take small bites of food & make sure to eat nice. That will save you from destroying your beard.

3) Prefer a straw for drinking liquids
The simple fix is to drink more with a straw or from a bottle. Make straw as your best friend! Whether you are taking a soft drink, plain juice or a cocktail, its use ensures you a fine guarantee to keep away dirt particles stuck to your mane. It may not be fun but sip your hot drink slowly with the intention to keep the mane clean.

4) Don’t leave food in beards
Wash your mouth after taking your meals & even after some drinks. Some guys  take it easy as they neglect washing these after eating but that’s not the way. Small bits of food get stuck onto the mane, making it dirty & unhygienic.

5) Keep your Beard Neat & Clean.
Neglecting this may have serious consequences. As cleanliness is the best key for taking proper care of your beard. On shampooing, keep your facial hairs looking pleasant. Add a touch of conditioning if it has become rough & coarse.

Regardless whatever you eat or drink, always keep your Beard clean with a good beard wash or beard shampoo to remove any food or dirt easily from your beard.

Avoid getting the food stuck and keep your beard fresh & clean!