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5 Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know

5 Beard Maintenance Tips Every Man Should Know

Being the ultimate symbolism of manliness is not just about growing your beard. It is so much more than that!

You might have done all the things necessary to grow your beard out correctly. You also might have invested in thousands of beard grooming products that you know are going to work for you in the long run. However, you still cannot keep up with your manliness!

Why is it happening?

Well, you do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on all kinds of beard grooming products possible. You also do not have to lock yourself inside the four walls of your bathroom. Moreover, you also do not have to make weekly visits to your favourite salon.

You can follow these five secret rules and voila! You can be the next alpha male around you.

    It all comes down to your skin!

Yes, it is all about your skin. Skin care never stops. Instead of being concerned about what extra hair you have to pluck out, you need to be concerned about what next should you do to make sure your skin is healthy. The biggest enemy of a great beard is your skin. Your skin can be home to pollutants and grime of all kinds, and can substantially decrease the quality of your beard as well. Irritation, infections, burns, anything and everything can cause your beard to be problematic. This is why, when it comes to lay the foundation stone of your beard, you need to target your skin first. Keep your skin clean. Ensure your skin is well moisturised, ensure you do not use extremely hot or extremely cold water to wash it.

    Invest in beard oils more.

Speaking of moisturisation, your facial hair need moisturising as well. It all comes down to taking help of a quality beard oil. Nope, no other oil can come as handy as a beard oil can! Beard oils contain all the nourishment your facial hair require. They are not just going to moisturise and nourish your beard, but will also help you get rid of bald patches, if any, by targeting and working on your hair follicles constantly.

    Trimming your beard the right way!

Trimming your beard is an essential, if you are looking to grow and maintain your beard. Trimming helps keep your beard healthy and good looking. Take help of scissors to trim your facial hair, instead of regular trimmers. Scissors give you the advantage of trimming your beard hair finely, not disturbing its shape. This needs to be done every couple of weeks. Snip all the split ends, rough patches and everything that is blocking your amazing beard to reveal itself off. Along with a tiny scissors, you should also invest in a beard comb to make the process easier.

    Don’t forget the neckline

Speaking of trimming, you should not be giving up on your neckline. Neckline needs to be trimmed with a trimmer, in a U-shape, once every two weeks. Just take help of your middle and index finger to measure appropriate distance between your Adam’s apple and where your beard line should actually be. Your index finger will decide the places you should start your neck trimming process with. Do not, however, start trimming your neckline according to the natural shape of your jaw, unless you are looking forward to a beard faux-pas.


Washing your beard with a proper shampoo designed and fabricated for facial hair is always the right choice! This is why you should use a natural beard wash. Your beard requires washing about 2 to 3 times every week. This requirement totally depends on the weather and the amount of time you spend outside. Washing your beard properly is a fundamental way to keep it looking good and fresh, clean and hydrated. A beard wash helps you get all kinds of grime and build up out of your facial hair. This especially comes of help during the summers. And, guess what! Washing your beard with a quality beard wash also gets the necessary nourishment required.

There you go! The five ultimate secret rules to make sure your beard journey is smooth and beautiful. These five rules are always going to be by your side and help you be the best in all