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We’ve been extolling the virtues of growing a beard and have put up many blog entries to that end. However, we just realized that all our articles have been directed at guys, and well, that’s just wrong! Ultimately, it’s no secret that a well groomed beard is liked and appreciated by a whole lot of girls too.

Ladies, we really love the fact that most of you love us for our beards. Unfortunately, there are some of you who need further convincing that a bearded man is the epitome of perfection. So, we’ve painstakingly thought up 15 justifiable reasons on why guys with beards really make the best partners.

Here we go, ladies.

  • Men with beards are caring - It’s simple. A man who cares for his beard is caring towards everything in general. Period.
  • Men with beards are committed - Beards show commitment. Like, sweetheart, do you have any idea about the extreme level of commitment it takes to grow and maintain an impressive mane?
  • Men with beards are protective - A bearded man automatically achieves ‘alpha’ status and will consequently be more chivalrous and protective towards you.
  • Men with beards can never have bad hair days - C’mon!!! You really think that after spending an hour every day on my beard, I will not even dedicate 10 minutes to do my hair properly??? Duh!!!
  • Men with beards are fitter and healthier - Okay! I mean they MOSTLY are. Really! Chances are that a bearded man will lead a more active and adventurous life. Think about it - Can you picture a heavily bearded guy with faded jeans and boots gardening or playing the violin??? No, darling. We like riding big bikes and jumping off cliffs! It’s just who we are!
  • Men with beards look grown up and mature - Men with beards will often carry the perception of wisdom and discernment. (It’s a different thing altogether that the underlying reality can be vastly different! Yes. We’re looking at you, Navjeet!)
  • Men with beards are in REAL good company ­- George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Sean Connery, Idris Elba, Jeff Bridges and ME! (Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!)
  • Men with beards are resolute and perseverant - Believe me, ladies! It takes some serious cojones to walk around with a bush on your face in the hot, tropical weather that our country experiences. If I can take that kind of treatment willingly, I can definitely sit through an hour of your favorite television soap! Go, Gossip Girl!
  • Men with beards make good dates - Bearded men love the best quality of scotch, know all the best hangouts around town, and will take you along for those long rides into the sunset.
  • Men with beards will pay attention to your looks - Maintaining an attractive and appealing beard sure needs grooming and styling. This conclusively shows that a bearded man has his own ‘beauty’ regime, which goes on to prove that he would also be concerned about your looks, and will appreciate the effort that you put into it. There, happy now?
  • Men with beards are an exclusive entity - Every man can grow facial hair, but not every man can grow a gorgeous beard that they keep for life. Gather your girlfriends and ask how many of them have been with guys with REAL beards. The answer might surprise you. (If any friend answers “More than one”, make her your bestie RIGHT NOW!)
  • Men with beards are more interesting - Let me rephrase: Men with beards are more interesting BECAUSE OF THEIR BEARDS! From a gentle, playful tickle that expresses affection to an aggressive rub that signifies anger, men with beards enjoy a distinctive advantage when it comes to pleasing a woman. (Ladies! Ahem, Ahem! We’re ONLY talking about our beards here, alright?!!!)
  • Men with beards make better make out partners - Ladies! You can’t deny the fact that kissing a bearded man tickles you in a good, pleasing way. Also, it is decidedly more dangerous and exciting to make out with a bearded man than with clean shaven ‘babies’. Besides, snuggling your lovely face in a soft, fragrant beard is awesome fun. (Go, try it out. No, wait. COME, try it out!)
  • Men with beards are patient and peaceful - Trust me, growing a beard takes an amazing amount of patience. All this means is that guys with beards are not argumentative or hotheaded, and instead tend to me more collected and calm when it comes to resolving differences or making decisions (or fighting with you about the remote!).
  • Men with beards look serious and strong - Beards give guys an air of strength and seriousness. No one will ever mess with you if you are on the arm of a bearded man (and God help them if they still do). Guys with beards look like they can punch holes in a wall or simply uproot trees with the flick of a hand.

So, there you have it ladies. If these 15 reasons don’t convince you into giving bearded guys an interested ‘once-over’, then maybe you’re just thick in the head. ‘Coz, hey, bearded guys DO make the best boyfriends. Just ask my girl. She’ll tell you all about it!

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