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Since the past month or so, we’ve only been posting articles that advocate Beard Growth and tell you how to go about it in the most optimum fashion. However, amidst all the ‘dos and donts’ of proper Beard Care, we have realized that we should not lose focus on the primary concept that we have always stood for – BEARDS ARE AWESOME!

As consummate Beard lovers, we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to Beards. However, the grandiose history of Beards is littered with some truly fascinating anecdotes and facts that beg for every Beard lover’s attention. So, listed below are 15 of the most interesting beard facts we’ve ever come across.

We hope you enjoy reading these fun facts, and our idea is that perhaps one will make you appreciate your beard even more.

So, here goes, brothers.

  • The Biblical tale of Samson ‘The Strong’ states that once he was shaven, he lost his all of his superhuman strength. (And THAT, dear brothers, is the very reason why we tell you to stay away from shaves!)
  • In ancient times, not having a beard was considered to be shameful, and was solely reserved for punishments, or when someone was mourning. (And look what the world has come to nowadays. Tsk-tsk! Utterly shameful, we say!)
  • All through the Middle Ages, touching another man’s beard was considered to be a serious offence – an affront to his honor, and required a duel-to-death to settle the matter. (Lads! There is a valuable lesson here – DO NOT TOUCH THY BROTHER’S BEARD!)
  • In the olden days, kings often attached three of their beard hairs to their official wax seal in order to add credibility and earnestness to any royal message. (And here you are complaining about a few scraggly hairs! Not done, brother. Just not done.)
  • The famous emperor of the Holy Roman Kingdom, Otto ‘The Great’, was known to have sworn by his beard every time he made a vow to do something.(More than a thousand years later, this still holds true for some of us here at GOB. We swear on our beards!)
  • The famous martyr, Sir Thomas More, when being beheaded at the guillotine for treason, supposedly pushed his beard out of the way, proclaiming, “It has never committed any treason”.(Sniff! Sniff! We truly shed a tear every time we hear this anecdote)
  • In 17th century Russia, you would have to pay a tax of 100 rubles an year if you wanted to grow and keep a beard.(Pretty much well worth the cost, we think!)
  • The very same chemical, dihydrotestosterone, is responsible for both beard growth AND baldness.(Now I know what a ‘double-edged’ sword means!)
  • The longest beard ever reportedly belonged to one Mr.Hans N. Langseth, a Norwegian, and measured an astounding 17 ft 6 in!(This guy is DEFINITELY our new role model here at GOB!)
  • It has been scientifically proven that beards grow faster in sunlight, and more in the summers than in any other season.(And YOU wanted to shave your beard just because it itched a bit in the heat?! C’mon man! ‘WAKE UP CALL!’)
  • Some studies have conclusively shown that women rate bearded men as wiser, stronger and more respected than clean-shaven men. (All true, brothers! All true!) 
  • Pogonophobia is an actual phobia that relates to an irrational fear of beards.(Hey, if every Beard in the world used GOB’s legendary products, there’d nothing to fear at all!)                                    
  • Facial hair grows faster when a man has not had sex for a while.(What?! Talk about an actual ‘Catch 22’ situation, huh?!) 
  • In his entire lifetime, the average man spends a total of over 3,350 hours shaving.(Lads! If there was ever a reason to give up shaving once and for all, then this is it! Just think of the time that could be spent drinking scotch, riding bikes and doing push-ups, instead of shaving off your manliness)
  • Men with Beards are 63% more likely to win staring contests.(Trust us, brothers! The stats can’t lie!)

And there you have it, brothers! 15 of the most interesting facts about the awesomeness that is a Beard! We sincerely hope that you found it interesting.

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Let the beard growth begin!