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Are bearded men better lovers?

Are bearded men better lovers?

A study conducted by psychologists at the University of Queensland concluded that women perceived bearded men to be better lovers and worthy of long term relationships.

A sample of 8,250 women was taken for the study to conclude the lingering affinity of women to men with beards. These women were made to judge and score men based on their beards and then rate them if they are relationship worthy or not. The study stated that there is an intimate connection between the fuzzy men, their beards, and a woman’s heart.

As bizarre as it sounds they study even concluded that bearded men are a perfect amalgamation of masculinity and femininity, thus, rendering them as a great marriageable option in the long run! Why? Well, extra masculine men are usually up for shorter relationships or even flings for that matter, while the opposite holds true for the non-bearded men. Beards provides a middle ground to this problem. It signifies the stability of a man, which is something women prefer always.

If you are a representative of the bearded community, a big shout out to you!

Let’s delve into the details!

Women prefer men with beards because they look ATTRACTIVE

Bearded men, especially the ones with well-groomed beards appear to be masculine and attractive! It happens to sharpen their jawlines further which adds the extra oomph factor. Beards are not just attractive in a physical way, but are a sign of testosterone levels, which directly implies maturity! This is something women cannot turn down!

There is a connection between a man’s beard and his patience level

Growing a beard is not an easy journey! It takes a lot many efforts to turn into the alpha man. With all the patience, care and the amount of efforts that go in while growing a beard, a man is perceived to be relationship material. These are the three important factors that make up a real and mature relationship. A beard thus, signifies the man is bound to think before he takes any action. Moreover, it signifies he is ready to be tied down for a long-term relationship.

Beards = Responsibilities!

Beards, as we said take a lot of patience, care and nurturing to come out just perfect. Which is why they tend to give men a sense of responsibility!

Historically speaking, most influential men have had beards. Jesus was one of them! The perception continues to be the same, even among the millennial's today. A lot of patience goes into growing the beard of your dreams. You would be using all kinds of products like a beard oil to ensure your beard represents the best of your personality, which makes you capable of not being afraid of responsibilities.

Men with beards are protective, understanding and caring.

These are not just synonyms but a representation of your personality to women! Efforts and patience that go in while you turn yourself into an alpha male is a form of an advantage which attracts females.


Well, beard makes you patient which means you are going to turn out to be very understanding of their needs and also caring as far as their feelings are concerned. Moreover, the way you take care and protect your beard with a special beard wash and a moustache wax says a lot about you! You are being protective of your beard, you want it to turn out to be the best, which is a perfect representation of you being protective. This gives you an edge when it comes to a relationship as women are going to feel secure in your presence!

Happy beards to you!