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7 Face and Beard Washing Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making

7 Face and Beard Washing Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making

Washing your beard and your face might seem like an easy task, rather a no-brainer! Simply lathering up your face and your beard and rinsing it off later with water. Nope, it is not limited to it! It is much more than that!

Your washing and cleaning habits might seem harmless to you, but it can soon reflect the lack of freshness in your appearance in the long run. It is essential that you take a look at how you are washing your beard and your face. If you are making a mistake, here are a few tips by beard experts so you can correct them ASAP!

Unbalanced temperature

You might be using water which is either too cold or too hot for your face. Excessively using boiling or freezing temperatures can actually damage your facial hair and your skin. No matter who you are, you need to find a balance! Start using warm/lukewarm water to wash your face and beard at all times.

Washing frequency

Your face and beard washing frequency might not be appropriate. You might be washing your face too frequently every day or not washing it at all. Probably this is why you are having all these troubles on your face. Not washing your face regularly can cause grime deposition, and washing it too frequently might cause excessive dryness. Strike a balance! Start washing once every day. If you are on the oilier side, make it two times. However, don’t over wash it. As far as your beard is concerned, you should focus on washing your beard properly about two times every week.

Not using the right product

This is probably the number one cause behind your dull looking beard and face. You are not using the right beard wash or face wash. Most men prefer washing their face and their beard with the help of soap bars. But, it is a strict no no! Why? It is too aggressive for you. You should switch to a good quality beard wash and a face wash to ensure you get all the pollutants off of your face.

Not using the right technique

Yes, there is a technique to washing your beard and face! You should be rubbing your face outwards in circular motion to cleanse and tone your skin. This also helps stimulate blood flow. Rubbing your face aggressively, in haphazard motion is only going to rupture your skin later. A gentle face and beard wash is essential along with gentle rubbing of your face.

Not patting your face enough!

Dermatologists say, soon after you wash your face, it is in a sensitive position and therefore we should handle it with care and tenderness. Rubbing your face after washing your face is going to create friction which can rip your skin off of its essential layers. The best way to go about it is to make sure you are patting your face with a towel to dry.

Dirty washcloth

Patting dry your face reminds us of another important point! Not using a fresh wash cloth. Your wash cloth is literally in an environment which is a thriving ground for so many bacteria. It is essential that you are using a fresh one frequently to ensure nothing negative goes to your face in such a sensitive situation.

Moisturize it!

Most men are guilty of not moisturizing their faces and their beards too often. Even if they do it, they might be doing it too late. Since washing can cause your pores to be open, there is a risk of deposition of pollutants. Therefore, it is important to slap on some moisturizer and a good quality beard lotion to give your skin and your beard the much needed hydration.

Your face and your beard are your identity. Correcting all of these minor mistakes is going to bring you the results you have been dying for. It is always good to listen to the experts!