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4 Things a Great Beard Actually Helps You With

4 Things a Great Beard Actually Helps You With

Growing a beard, maintaining that scruff, and adoring it for its beauty is one thing, but did you know you beard helps you in several different ways you never knew of?

You are probably not the only one!

Your stubble, your alpha-male beard, anything and everything, all forms of beard and facial hair have their own benefits to give you. Beards are not only restricted to making you look better and manly, they are not just there to give your personality a boost, but beard and facial hair are there to enhance your health and provide you several other significant benefits.

This is why, if you are thinking of chopping it off, owing to the humidity and summers, keep your hands off the razor! You might need to look at other aspects of this style statement before you decide to trim it off.

For starters, science states that beard can actually help you become not just better personality wise, but age wise as well. With beards, you can become younger in a matter of days. Moreover, you get a naturally moisturized face at all times, while keeping your skin away from cancer.

Here are four science approved reasons for you to keep your beard intact!

  • Health aspects

Well, beards genuinely do help your health in ways you cannot even explain. Huffington Post said it first! You cannot only say goodbye to bacterial infections on your face but can also count on your facial hair to help you with your problems of asthma. Moreover, you can say goodbye to throat diseases, all with the help of a simple beard.

Truly a wonder, eh?

How does this happen?

It might sound like sorcery, but it’s pretty simple. A fuller beard tends to filter out your personal surroundings. The air your breath can be poison for your health, which becomes better only with the help of a beard. All your issues related to your face and your throat can go away from you with the help of your natural filter - your beard.

  • Natural sunblock

Beards act like a natural sunblock for your face. They are surely going to help you save your supple facial skin from being tanned in the harshest of summers! Moreover, beards are also known to block the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the Sun, as much as about 95%. This natural sunblock can help in the prevention of the fundamental cancer cells, the basal-cell carcinomas. Because of this, you can be sure your face, your head, and your neck are cancer proof!

  • Natural moisture reservoir.

Your facial skin has a built-in reservoir of moisture for your face to benefit from it. This reservoir, mainly made up of oil glands help keep your face healthy and bright looking, while also making sure it is younger and supple looking at all times. However, because of multiple reasons, this reservoir might get depleted, become dry because of the harsh conditions it is exposed to, directly! This is where beards play their role. Beards keep your reservoirs in their place, protect them from getting dried up so you can enjoy your healthy, natural and supple looking skin, making you feel younger than you actually are!

  • Saves you a lot of time!

Quite literally! Growing a beard can definitely clear most of your busy and hectic schedules and save you with a lot of time in life, so you can focus on the things that matter to you the most. Scientific studies have found out that an average male is going to spend about 3300 hours of their life trimming and shaving off the facial hair. When we convert 3300 hours into days, it is roughly 135 days, and in months? It comes out to be a crazy five months! Imagine what you could be doing in these five months you have just saved yourself by not shaving your beard off! You can be the boss of your life in these five months!

No matter what your beard style is, just keep it! Don’t try and trim it off or shave it off. You are only calling troubles for yourself this way. With a beard by your side, you are good to go in all aspects of life!

Science backs it up for you!