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A Few Reasons Why a Beard Communicates Confidence

A Few Reasons Why a Beard Communicates Confidence

Beards tend to exhibit a man’s supremacy over their peers and the society!

At least this is what the popular opinion agrees!

Beards are the ultimate display of confidence! Don’t believe us? Here are 10 reasons why we believe this to be true.

  • Beards tend to enhance your social life

Yes, that’s right. The top reason why people think beards are important is because they tend to enhance your social status and your social life. Beards do attract a lot of energy around you, positive energy to be precise. This positive energy directly leads to a jumpstart in your social position. People start giving you extra attention, you start getting all the privileges and respect, and all in all, life starts going on smoothly for you! You are placed in the top slots in a social situation, all thanks to your beard.

  • They give you the edge of maturity!

Speaking of an enhanced social status, beards do give you that mature edge in life, probably this is why you feel your social status is getting enhanced! A fully grown beard is the only thing in your life you are going to be needing, when you are eying for bigger things in life! And no, by mature we do not mean beards will make you look older than you are. In fact, they are going to display your inner man, your suaveness, and your masculinity on the outside. You will no longer be considered a boy. Facial hair will be complementing your masculine emotional side.

  • With masculinity comes aggressiveness!

Yes, every single thing is inter-related. Beards do help you become more and more aggressive. By aggressive, we do not mean that you will start attacking people like a vicious wild predator. But, this aggressive side is directly linked to your inner man, your alpha-man sitting inside you, waiting to be riled up! Aggressiveness here is directly related to being a sign on strength, protection and virility. You should look forward to being this kind of aggressive! Women certainly love that.

  • Turn your masculinity meters on!

Aggressiveness, machismo, maturity, masculinity, it all seems to be interlinked! We think, that is what beards are all about. Beards are going to make you look like a full-fledged man who is ready to conquer the world in one go. No matter where you are, in what social setting you are in, beards are going to be your best friend. They are going to help you display your rugged, tough masculine side to the world. These are all key points to display your confidence to the world. You are going to be the man of every woman around you!

With all that we have said just now, do we need to say more?

Yes, we need to! And you know why? Because beards are the best thing that have happened to a man on this planet. Beards are awesome. They help you establish yourself as an alpha male around you. They help you bring out your individual alpha male out on display, for the whole world to see and worship. Just like the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, the world worships you when you possess a beard. The path you walk should be the holy grail of every person on this planet with no beard. You should be powerful and confident like that.

  • They exuberate your fighting spirit.

As a predator in the wild seems to love fighting, men with beards are known to love that too! And believe us, you are not going to be displaying your negative savageness when you grow a beard. You will reek of every bit of that wild spirit, that fighting attitude, that go-getter attitude, and everyone will love you, no matter what! This is the ultimate way to display your confidence and your passion out in the open, by fighting for the things that matter to you, by not settling for things that mean less to you, by standing up for something you believe in. your confidence is effectively enhanced as per the length of your facial hair.

  • Women are going to drool over your grooming skills.

Simply put - women love the men who can take care of themselves. Nobody loves a man child, and this is why women are going to know they can love you when they see your beard. Growing a beard takes a lot of time and energy, it takes a lot of care and attention too. You will be looking forward to shaping it, grooming it, shampooing it, oiling it, and doing every possible thing to ensure your beard looks as classy as your personality! A man with a beard that is on point, nicely groomed and trimmed is a clear display of his personality and his character. It is a direct display of their commitment to things, and these are a few things women absolutely love.

  • Your intelligence is also on display

Confidence and intelligence are directly linked! Beards help you display your wisdom, your inner intelligent being to come out and mark its stand in the world. Not only will you become more trusted among your peers, but will soon become their go-to person for all kinds of problems. And to be honest, all noble men in the past had beards (Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud). Grow it out, display your wisdom!

  • Say hello to a new-found sex appeal!

Beards clearly help you display your sex appeal to the world, apart from displaying your classy personality and your intelligent super being! You become a sexually attractive and celebrated among the ladies! You are going to be a hit with your female counterparts, as soon as you grow a beard. And this fact hold true, no matter what year or what century we are living in. This has been the truest thing since historical times. Women have been seen to being more romantically inclined to the men with beards rather than being inclined to men with no beards at all. How is it true though? Women love a man with a character, an interesting personality, a man who knows what he wants, a man who is ready to take on the world, a man who is confident and a go-getter, a man who is a beast on the inside! And how do they know that you all of this? Your beard is the answer!

Jump-start to your new life with a beard! Do no wait, if you still have no started. You can thank us later.

Till then, happy beards to you!