Beard Wash vs Normal Shampoo

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Bearded Brothers!

Herbert Spencer very aptly coined the phase ‘survival of the fittest’ back in the day. The meaning is self explanatory but this applies to your Beard too. If you want a dense beard that shines bright like the sun, then you have to include 2 very important things into your routine – Oiling your Beard and Washing it. We’ve already covered the importance of Beard oil in our previous blogs. You can read it by clicking here.

Washing your beard is as important as oiling your beard. Not washing your beard can lead to accumulation of dirt and debris giving an overall dull appearance to your personality. Moreover, it allows your facial skin to breathe resulting in a healthier ground for your beard to sprout from. Inclusion of a beard wash to your beard grooming regimen could therefore prove to be a wise step. Now, if a question around how Beard Wash is different from normal shampoos strikes your mind, then we have got you covered (as always).

What is a Beard Wash?

Beard wash is an ultra mild, sulphate free conditioning wash that cleanses your beard and facial skin gently without stripping out the natural oil from your Beard and the skin underneath. The right pH for your facial skin is usually 5.5 and for facial hair is between 5 to 7. Therefore, to ensure that Beard wash doesn’t take away the essential oils needed for your Beard Growth, it’s pH level is usually set at 5.5 making it face and beard friendly. Using a combination of Beard Oil and Beard Wash creates a ripe environment for your Beard to grow out to it fullest of capabilities.

Why you need to use Beard Wash and NOT a normal shampoo?

Normal over-the-counter hair shampoos have chemicals that are harsh on your beard and strip away the natural oils from your Beard making them dull, dry and consequently weakened roots leading to breakage and thinning of your Beard. Moreover, normal shampoos are made for the hair on your head and not the facial skin which is one of the most sensitive skin on your body. The pH level for normal shampoos is usually above the required 5.5 which can dry out and damage your  facial skin.

Below are some of our pointers on why we recommend Beard Wash and not just a normal shampoo for your beard:

1) Cleanses beard yet gentle on face and facial hair: The furry mane of yours needs a gentle treatment and Beard Wash is an absolute solution. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals which take away your natural sebum oils. Beard shampoo thus, effectively cleans your beard without stripping out the natural oils.
2) Moisturises and refreshes: Besides locking the moisture underneath the skin, beard wash also cleanses the beard without making it look frizzy and brittle.
3) Conditions and detangles: Whether you have naturally curly beard or just tangles, a good beard wash will condition your facial locks and consequently de-tangle it giving you a smooth flowing beard.
4) Helps eliminate beard dandruff: When your beard gets long, it’s hard for your sebum oil to keep up in providing the nourishment to your Beard resulting in dandruff or Beardruff. At this point you need a beard oil to keep beardruff at bay. To get completely rid of beardruff, a beard wash will further help out the beard oil in fully hydrating your facial skin.
5) Try Gangs of Beard’s sulphate-free Beard Wash: At Gangs of Beard, we have a super gentle, Conditioning Beard Wash which is sulphate-free. Check it out along with our collection of beard grooming/ growth products and get ready to flaunt your beard with us.

So to summarise, Beard Wash is fundamental to your beard grooming routine. Use it twice or thrice a week and yo surely experience a healthier beard. So, gents do yourself a favour and swap that old normal shampoo bottle for a Beard Wash. Hope you liked this week’s blog and till our next one, Happy Bearding lads!

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