Your beard, your identity!

As a marketing professional, it was my duty to maintain my image and personality in front of colleagues and prospective clients. This meant me shaving my facial hair to make people believe I was a dedicated marketing professional, on whom Read more

curly beard

Stiffen your curly beard in no time!

Are you the lucky one who has a curly beard? A curly beard may no doubt look a bit frisky to handle but its something that lot of guys envy because a curly beard is naturally thick and strong. Many … Read more

How to rock minimalist beard

How to rock minimalist beard?

Gangs of beard just love your bushy beard. Due to this we usually give you tips and tricks to maintain your majestic beard. On the other hand we know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to maintain a big … Read more


Your beard speaks a lot more than you think!

Beards have been a significant part of our history. Even today, they are symbolic to the image of a modern man, in terms of his machismo and manliness.

However, not everyone is aware of the importance they hold in our … Read more

Are bearded men better lovers?

Are bearded men better lovers?

A study conducted by psychologists at the University of Queensland concluded that women perceived bearded men to be better lovers and worthy of long term relationships.

A sample of 8,250 women was taken for the study to conclude the lingering … Read more