The Psychology of Beards

The Psychology of Beards

Everything in this world is based on one simple principle – Cause and effect.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We have been taught of the beauty of this principle in high school. We have also … Read more

Fixing a patchy beard

Fixing A Patchy Beard

You have been working so hard at growing your beard. It is apparently your final milestone to becoming the ultimate man. You are spending all your time, money, energy and other resources only to look like Chris Evans from the … Read more


Scruffy Beard – Maintain it Today!

Scruffy beard or your unkempt stubble growth is the ultimate way to give yourself the wilder, unkempt appearance that you have always been looking for. It not just another runway fashion style, but can take your personality for a drive … Read more


Beard/Hair Phrases

Beards are fascinating. There are layers and layers to them and we seem to never get past these intricate layers of fascination!

The more we learn about facial hair, the more we fall in love with. The more we understand … Read more

curly beard

Stiffen your curly beard in no time!

Are you the lucky one who has a curly beard? A curly beard may no doubt look a bit frisky to handle but its something that lot of guys envy because a curly beard is naturally thick and strong. Many … Read more

How to grow the Perfect Beard

Wanna Grow a Beard? Not sure how to grow one.

Well, you need to sit back coz we are here to help you with all your beard needs


But first things first, Congrats on choosing to be a beardsman. … Read more

Beard Wash vs Normal Shampoo

Bearded Brothers!

Herbert Spencer very aptly coined the phase ‘survival of the fittest’ back in the day. The meaning is self explanatory but this applies to your Beard too. If you want a dense beard that shines bright like the … Read more

Why does your beard stops growing?

God Damnit! Why does my beard not grow any more? Have you ever asked this question to yourself and does your beard actually stops growing beyond a certain point? Well we keep hearing these questions from our members so we … Read more

Beard – A reality or a passing trend

Fellow Lads! We’ve been reading a lot of stuff around how Beards are becoming a trend these days and a lot of questions are being raised around how long will this go on for? To be honest, as much as … Read more