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G. Oil + Wash

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A majestic Beard is one that grows hygienically. Therefore, you just have to combine the Beard Growth Oil with the Beard Wash in order to ensure that your Beard Gains are ever-clean and ever-growing.

Beard Growth Oil- 50 ml

The Beard Growth Oil is a royal fusion of natural herbs and oils that will enhance the growth of your Beard and make it thick. Since its all natural, you can use it on a daily basis and get closer to getting the luscious beard of your dream.


Promotes Beard growth;
Strengthens the Beard follicles from root and prevents Beard fall and split ends;
Nourishes the Beard and prevents Beard Dandruff; and
Softer and smoother beard.

Beard Wash-100 ml

Our conditioning shampoo has been specially designed for your facial hair and skin. Its gentle lather will clean, condition and nourish your beard at the same time and bring that manly hedge to its epic natural state.


 Cleanses beard yet gentle on face
 Moisturizes and refreshes
 De tangles beard
 Help eliminate beard dandruff
 Controls frizziness

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