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Welcome to Men’s World- World without razor

When I was in the school, beard seemed to be a distinguishing mark of men. While in college, I often grew one myself to avoid bothering for a daily shave. After that I never shaved it off and Beard became a part of my personality.

However, most of the guys get stuck with the general norm of clean shaving but now it seems that facial hair has become closer to the norm or at least a well-established trend.

The verdict is out, Razors suck! Beard Rule!

In simple words, Razors are our enemies and Beard is lifetime friends.

Be it like a Royal Beard carried by Shahid Kapoor, ever-blazing Virat Kohli, curvy mustache by roaring Ranveer Singh or gentle and mushy short-bearded Ayushman Khurana. All these bearded men have reinforced their love for beard and set the trend forever.

Beards! Beards! Beards! Now I can almost feel myself singing such a wonderful tune.

We aren’t the only ones. Even kids too love beards. And you don’t want to make them cry a spree just because you killed your awesome beards.

A recent study has shown that women like to prefer an intermediate level of facial hairs in their partner, while men having fuller beard may seem to become good fathers.

Anyways, the game is that bearded men hate razors and love beards. Men in long or short- term relationships, or looking to find one, may find benefit from a full-bearded look.  Research shows that women often find well-groomed Bearded Men with masculine characteristics more attractive than clean shaved guys.

Beard can also help a man to build rapport with his female partner and demonstrate a positive personality.

Beard makes a man stand out of the crowd. Remember to trim it a little for grooming but never shave it off!

A world without razors is a world of men. So, go on and dump the razors. Grow Beards in your happylife.

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