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Most Epic Beards of 2018

In a society which is increasingly feminized, the beard makes a stylish statement about masculinityBEARDS make “the world of men”. Without being aggressive and overly assertive, the beard makes a positive statement about the masculine gender.

Having & keeping Beards is a sign of masculinity to the world and to the men. They opt for beard in order to raise awareness about the health issues of men or for a role in a upcoming movie while some do it just for fun.

While B-town actors have also been sported in some or the scruffy look in their career. So, if you also wanted to get that beardo look, check their looks out.

We have rounded up some of the Best-Bearded Men of Bollywood & Hollywood, who kept their Beard mane & Stache maintained in the year 2018.


This Macho man had his stubble looking beard since the days he stepped into the film industry. But Ranveer Singh donned the full bearded look for his “Blockbuster Ram-Leela” which became the biggest trendsetter of the year.

He similarly supported a fantastic beard for his role as Allauddin Khilji for Padmaavat in 2018. His chiseled body & beardo looks were praised by everyone.


In 2018, when the trailer of his new movie ‘Ideal Home’ launched, the internet went out about his magnificent full beard which had magically appeared on his face.  He was probably seen from a clean-shaven man to rock a sick mustache on Anchorman.


2018 has been a great year for the lovable Shahid Kapoor’s facial hair as he went from long full beard andRajput style mustache in the movie ‘Padmaavat’ to a tone down version of the same.

In many movies, he swapped down a variety of beard looks which looks amazing on him. Currently, his trimmed stache and scruffy beard are doing wonders to his looks.


The Khiladi is known to experiment with his hairstyles & great beardish looks which often becomes a trend.  Many times, he doesn’t shy away from sporting a salt and pepper beard.


Often seen with a tamed short beard that makes women go crazy for him. According to scientific evidence, it is the exact length of facial hair that should be kept. Perhaps, this is the reason why his beards are ranked up high in the list of ‘Hollywood Celebs with the beard’.


No one better works with the van dyke beard the way Big B does. The ‘Shahenshah of Bollywood’ has many times sported a beard in most of his movies. In his movie Shamitabh, this mega star was seen in a shabby fuzzy beardy look.

In 2018, his looks in ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ remind everyone of Naseeruddin as Nemo.
Beards were trending in 2018 and will also be trending this year. So, Choose your favorite beard style and rock your beard this year.

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