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Is your beard ready for this summer?

Summer is on our heads as finally, April has arrived!

Most of the people assume that keeping long bushy & thick beard makes you warmer during summer time. But this isn’t actually true.

As the air keeps moving through the beard, you feel cooling freshness throughout your face.

We, bearded men need to pay attention to our pride ‘BEARD’ during these summer months.  Now, you finally want to impress those girls on the beach, you need to make your beard more stylish while preventing it from summer damage. These are some interesting yet effective ways to get a nice looking beard & to impress the ladies.

Read these useful tips to keep your beard looking ‘HOT & ROCKING’ this summer.

1.   Keep it clean

We usually spend most of our time outdoors during summers. We sweat more, use chemicals & bug sprays to keep ourselves protective, play in the water, etc. But all these activities can damage & make our beard dirty.

Salty seawater, chlorine, bug sprays, all these need to be washed out to prevent us from damage and for cleanliness as bacteria, and other small microbes grow in a warm/moist environment.

For this, Gangs of Beard’s specially created Beard Wash is a must-have in summers.

2.  Hydrate & Exfoliate

We all keep ourselves well-hydrated during these blistering months of heat. In the same way, keeping our beard hydrated as well is also important because the heat of the summer can damage both your skin & beard as well.

So, it’s advisable to use Beard Conditioner or Beard Oil to keep your beard healthy, soft & strong. These amazing Gangs of Beard products also helps you combat dryness & beard itch.

3.   Trim it

Don’t forget to trim your beard although you’re trying to grow it. Trim them a little bit, so it can grow in the way you want.

This is all like a plant! Your beard grows daily eventually it will lose shape, but by trimming it at regular intervals of time, will make it start growing in the way you want.

This may sound weird to some but trust me this will do wonders to your beard!

Just trim the tips & to the sides a little bit. A few centimeters would do the best for you and then apply some Beard Oil for its effective growth.

4.   Brush it Out

Heat & Humidity do damage to hair whether it is head or facial hairs.

In order to prevent beard from frizzy or pulling out hairs, then it is highly advised to brush them out as more as possible. For this, you can also go for ourBeard Brush and Beard Comb that will help you in detangling & straightening your preciously grown facial hairs.

5. Keep your Beard Free from Germs and Bacteria

Summer brings the heat, heat brings sweat and with sweat comes germ & bacteria. It in turns bring rashes to your Beard and Body. Keeping your beard and body clean requires a good shampoo and soap which can fight with these germs.

Our Blue Ice Sea Mineral Soap is made up Aloe Vera Extract, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt and Menthol. Aloe vera and Coconut oil nourish your skin while menthol gives you a soothing and calming experience.

So, it’s time to get your beard ready for this summer. Till then beard on brothers Beard on…

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