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How to take care of beard during monsoon

Just like you take good care of your beards in summers & winters, you should also need special care of them in monsoons too. Beard itch & beard acne is one of the most common problems among men when they wish to keep full beard and the monsoon season worsens these problems.

When the season changes, so should your daily keep up routine. When there is a drastic change (humidity) in air or temperature increases & rain starts arriving, most men face problems on taking good care of their facial hair. According to experts, it is greatly advised to trim your facial hairs regularly while using effective beard oil & keeping it clean & tidy.

So, just don’t worry about as we are here with some tips & tricks about how to take care of your beard this monsoon season. Here are some beard care tips in the monsoon that will help you keep your facial hairs awesome:

1.    Prefer lukewarm water

Never use too hot or too cold water for washing facial hairs. Always use lukewarm water to wash your beard as excessively hot or cold water can damage the hair follicles as well as the skin. Also, you may lose the shininess of your beard as extreme hot, or cold water fades away the natural shine of your hair & makes them dull and ugly. Thus, it loosens & slows the growth of your facial & head hair.

2.    Choose & Use better Beard Products

Many good experts recommend using quality or branded products for your beard. For this, we have ultimate beard care products from Gangs of Beard. All the products are made from natural ingredients & have special oils & herbs that are extracted from plants. These products neither cause harm to the skin nor to your beards.

3.   Change your eating habits

Your eating habits make all the difference to your skin, hair as well as for your body. Facial hair is no more different! Always remember, the more nutritious you eat, the better your beard will be. This is true that whatever you eat gets reflected on your skin, especially during monsoons, when you desire to eat fried & junk foods. It becomes important to follow a healthy diet by adding the number of proteins & green leafy vegetables as proteins help in getting soft, healthy & shiny facial hairs. Avoid unhealthy oily food that can cause harm to your health & hairs.

4.    Moisturize your beard

To keep your facial hair smelling great & hydrated, moisturize it. Don’t forget to moisturize your facial hair. Go for a moisturizer that conditions your skin as well as hairs and for this using a comedogenic moisturizer is worth advisable. Your facial hair is worth looking after, quite like luscious hairs!

Protect your underneath skin (under the beards) & keep it hydrated well.

5.    Use beard Oils & Gels

The art of champi also fits with the beard. While oiling it, target the roots of your facial hairs.

Never use ordinary oils or gels that are sold loosely in the market. Instead, prefer branded beard care products like Gangs of Beard- Beard Growth oil, which is meant for suitable growth of your facial hair.

6.    Maintain Some Hygiene

Keeping your facial hairs neat & clean is a must for its better growth. Being hygienic is the most important habit of every human and if you’re one of those who are carrying a beard then maintaining to keep it well, hygienic holds equal importance. For this purpose, always use a mild face wash or a good Beard Wash to keep the humid, impurities like dirt & dust collected in your beard during the entire day.

During monsoon season, your long and thick facial hairs is likely to get wet & untidy  with rainwater. Also, get rid of those unwanted small particles & tidbits or flyaway hairs that get stuck to your beards.

7.    Trim yourself or get it trimmed

No matter, if you are already set for no shave November, trimming your facial hair is an essential part of taking good beard care. Trimming your beard mane in the monsoon season is yet an excellent way to tackle beard itchiness, sweat & scalp dryness. Growing beards & trimming them is again necessary for faster beard growth to get a healthy beard.  So, if you want to improve your facial hair & easy to maintain its shape, trim it regularly.


Above are some beard grooming tips that needs to be followed in the changing season monsoon for getting the beard of your dreams. Now, enjoy monsoon without worrying about your beards! Till then, happy beards brother!

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