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Amazing Facts about Beards that you are unaware of!

Beards are just fantastic! Well, probably not all of them think so. Some think it’s a forever living trend while others take it as a risk or burden.

Shaving doesn’t cause beard to grow back thicker. In earlier times, a man’s beard was seen as a sign of respect and honor. If we go historically, these were considered as a symbol of a man’s knowledge and wisdom. That’s why some of the greatest minds of ancient time such as Shakespeare, Plato, SocratesGalileo – all of them used to keep beards.

Here we’ve compiled you a list of some amazing facts about beards that’ll make you say WTF? So, read on!

1. Beards can grow almost 4 times a man’s height in his whole lifetime.

See, how fast your facial hair grows! 

2. Your beards protect you from heat, cold and provide your face a better shade.

Having a furry face full of thick beards is more protected from harmful UV rays of the sun.

What a great gadget your beard is!

It can keep cold at bay by providing you warm in winter months.

Also, these can protect you from pollen or dust allergies. It offers you good signs of aging while letting you remain young for a long time.

3. Beard fear is called “Pogonophobia”.

Be afraid, be very -very afraid!

4. If a man stopped shaving forever, his beard would grow up to 27.5feets.

Remember the first time you shaved, and you think how stupid you look?  From that time onwards, you learned a good lesson to never, ever shave because the main point is that beards are precious. So, don’t lose them.

5. Beards grow faster in the daytime as compared to night time.

That’s why vampires and ghosts are cleanly shaven.

6. The longest female beard recorded was measured at 30cm.

Not only about men’s beard. What the thing it is!


You probably didn’t know about these above mentioned facts about your facial hair. These interesting facts about beard will change your perspective and Beard Game.

So start sporting beards from today as it has been medically proven that these help you stay away from any type of skin allergy.

Till then, happy beards on guys. Spread out your love of beard!

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