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Emperor Kit

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Our Emperor’s Kit is for men who dare to achieve only and only one thing – Glory. They have a burning desire to conquer the Kingdom of Beards and won’t let anything stand between them and their goal to grow the most legendary Beard known to mankind.

The Kit includes
– 50 ml GOB Beard Growth Oil to keep your beard healthy and strong;
– 100 ml GOB Beard Wash to clean and condition your beard along with making it smell fresh;
– 100 ml GOB Beard Softening Lotion to soften your beard and eliminate Itchiness and dryness;
– GOB Moustache Wax to tame your stache; and

– 60 capsules of GOB Beard Growth Supplements to improve the quality of your beard and support its growth.


Specially formulated to keep your beard looking its best, these products are backed by extensive research and use natural ingredients that are safe for your beard and facial skin.

Using the Emperor’s Kit regularly will seal your name in the sands of time as one of the greatest beardsman to have walked this planet.

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