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Zeus Kit

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If you’re interested in The Zeus Kit then know that you are someone special. You realise the importance of proper Beard Grooming and have surpassed the level of any man and entered into the domain of Beard Gods – Not many men get to this point.

The Kit has all the heavenly powers you’ll need to get your beard to its godly state and includes –
– 50 ml GOB Beard Growth Oil to keep your beard healthy and strong;
– 100 ml GOB Beard Wash to clean and condition your beard along with making it smell fresh;
– 100 ml GOB Beard Softening Lotion to soften your beard and eliminate Itchiness and dryness;
– GOB Moustache Wax to tame your stache;

– 60 capsules of GOB Beard Growth Supplements to improve the quality of your beard and support its growth;

– GOB Bamboo Beard Comb; and

– GOB 100% Boar Bristle Brush.

Specially formulated to keep your beard looking its best, these products are backed by extensive research and use natural ingredients that are safe for your beard and facial skin.

Use the Zeus Kit regularly and even Heaven shall bow down to honour your Beard.

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