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About Us

Welcome to Gangs of Beard

GOB has been started by beard-lovers FOR beard-lovers. After trying just about every beard product out there, we knew something was missing – so we created some of the best beard care products on the planet to create a beard revolution in India.

Beards have been a sign of manliness, honour and maturity since the beginning of time. Throughout Indian History, we’ve witnessed Kings like Shivaji Maratha and Maharaja Ranjit Singh, sports legends like Milkha Singh and Virat Kohli and even poets like Ghalib and Rabindranath Tagore all of whom have left their mark on the sands of time by growing their beards to show their majesty and splendour. So gents, grow your beards and make yourself a part of history.

What is Gangs of Beard. Well, starting at Rs 99, we will give you the most legendary beard care products known to mankind.