How Do You Get Rid Of Beard Itch During Winters?

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The cold, dry winds and the lowering intense temperatures can wreak havoc in your beard’s life. Not only can they cause significant damages but can also leave your beard very dry and itchy, often making it appear brittle and scruffy. Other very common side effects harsh winters can pose on your beard are split ends and dryness.

Split ends are the most common because of the lack of naturally occuring sebum oil during winters. The absence of sebum oil results in the lack of nourishment your beard deserves, rendering it dry and brittle. Added with dry air, you beard in no time will become extremely dry and course, which automatically leads to an uncomfortable sensation, we know as an itchy feeling.

And so we get the drift!

Cold winds blow, our skin comes in contact, and the series of events follow.

However, it can be prevented!

Yes, there is a solution to beard itch during winters.

The key here is to try and work harder on your beard nourishment.

And how do you do that?

By following the tips mentioned below, specifically to cater to your needs by our team of experts.

Without further ado, let’s dig in deep to cure the weird beard itch!

  • First thing’s first, use beard wash

The worst thing you could do to your beard this winter is use your regular soap or shampoo to clean your beard. Do not do that. Opt for a quality beard wash. Beard wash is developed in a nourishing way specifically to cater to your beard’s needs. Not only will it keep your beard clean and fresh but also will not strip the necessary nourishment away from it.

  • Avoid blow drying

Not many do it, but still – a good thing to know, right?

Blow drying your beard on a regular basis is not a good thing. It will rise the levels of dryness in your beard and would eventually lead them to becoming brittle. Patting dry your beard is always a good idea.

  • Use a beard oil

Make sure to use plenty of beard oil during winters. Beard oils are curated by experts specifically to provide the much needed hydration and nourishment to your beards. Beard oil are comprised of essential oils, one for every purpose. This means after applying them on a regular basis, you won’t be facing the same problems as you were before.

Beard oils tend to dry, flaky and irritated skin and are light enough to penetrate deep inside your facial hair to nourish them on the inside. This ensures you are delivered with a healthy, happy beard all through winters. Moreover, the lack of dryness will also completely evade the beard itch!

Apply a beard oil at least three to four times every week during winters.

  • Use a beard comb

Once you have applied a beard oil and massaged it along the length of your facial hair, you are now ready to bring your weapons out!

Beard comb is truly a master here. Not only will it spread the beard oil you have already applied, evenly, throughout all your facial hair strands, but also it will massage the facial skin beneath.

Beard combs thus, maximise blood circulation in the skin, right beneath your beard which cause a healthy beard growth and a better sebum oil production. All of this contributes to a reduction in your beard itch!

  • Take care of your skin

To be honest, winter beard care always goes well with a good skincare routine. What is a good beard without a good face, right?

We believe in the same philosophy as well.

This is why we recommend that you increase your intake of Vitamin E and Vitamin C to keep your facial skin healthy and supple. Along with the same, you also should focus on your intake of Omega 3s.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is going to work wonders for your winter skin.

And what is left?

Investing in a good face wash that will keep your skin clean, healthy and hydrated is always a good idea.

Keeping your facial skin hydrated and replenished always is going to complement your alpha male beard!

Now that you know what to do, start adopting it!

Make this small winter beard care routine a lifestyle, at least when the cold winds blow.

Not only will following these steps keep your beard healthy and strong, but also it will prevent any sign of beard itch.

These tips might be basic, but are powerful indeed!

Happy beards to you!

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