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Winter Ready – Skin And Beard Care Tips!

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So the cold winds have finally started to blow here in the northern hemisphere and you have started to feel it as well!

Seasonal changes bring with them too many complications. These complications are not just limited to our lifestyle but pertain to our skin and beards as well. This is why skin and beard care routine becomes so much more important during snowy and cold seasons. The chilly weather can be the number one cause of damaged beard and facial skin. To repair them could be one hell of a task! This is why you need to be prepared, well in advance.

What goes wrong?

Winters tend to rid you off the essential nutrients and oils that skin and beard require to function their best. This is why during winters your facial hair and skin need the extra layer of protection. They well deserve it!

Cold winds have the capacity to lift the cuticles of your facial hair, which is what explains the need of extra moisture.

If this continues to happen, your beard will soon become frizzy – making it vulnerable to breakage, split ends and even tangles. And as far as your skin is concerned, cold winds bring along dryness and cracks for your face and lips. Some people react differently to these cold winds, and may also show some signs of redness.

Any form of damage to your facial hair and skin, even for a slight moment means a long term damage. Which is what you should be looking forward to avoid!

These tips will help you tackle all issues with ease and poise and combat any form of problem winter throws your way!

  • Use cold-lukewarm water

Yes, it’s chilly out there and you despise the feel of cold water around you at this point during the year, however, to make sure your beard and skin stay at their best you should make this sacrifice.

Hot water strips your skin and your beard off its natural oils and nutritional protective layers. This “stripping” gives rise to a dry facial skin along with a brittle beard.

Make sure you are using cold to lukewarm water temperatures to keep your skin and your beard hydrated and pleasant.

  • Moisturize your face well

Moisturizing your face with a quality face moisturizer is your key to having a healthy skin.

Moisturizer is essential to provide our facial skin with the much needed TLC and hydration that devoids our skin of the “flaky” and “dry” texture our skin gets when cold winds come in contact with our face.

  • Moisturize your beard too!

Speaking of moisturizing, your beard needs the extra TLC as well during the winter season.

Relying on a good quality and natural beard oil will help your beard. Not only will the essential oils in your beard oil keep your beard strands healthy, hydrated and moisturized, but will also avoid the problems of split ends and breakage in your beard.

Beard oils contain essential fatty acids, antimicrobial properties, and necessary minerals that help restore our beard strength to a great extent. Moreover, beard oil works in an even wonderful way to eliminate the dryness beneath our beard that cause the “winter itch” in our beard during winters.

  • Use a beard comb

Beard combs are the key players in your beard routine. Not many people rely on a beard comb to tame their beards, ignorant of the benefits it provides.

When applying a beard oil, beard comb should be your counterpart in order to spread the necessary moisture and nutrition along the length of your facial hair strands.

Moreover, combing your beard stimulates the roots and cuticles of your beard strands. This stimulation circulates the naturally present healthy oil beneath our skin which promote an even shinier and healthier beard.

  • Shampoo less

We are not promoting a no-shampoo policy during winters, but we do believe in the “less is more” policy here!

Shampooing every two days might be great for your beard during summers, but during winters it is only going to promote chaos and destruction! And let’s accept it, you are not going to be willing to allow this.

Over-shampooing causing your beard to lose its natural lustre and health. You will be rid of your natural oils and will notice vulnerability in your beard, as far as brittleness and breakage of beard is concerned.

Using a beard shampoo, not more than twice a week during winters should be your goal.

With these few tips in your kitty, you will be all set to welcome winter with open arms!

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