Beard Rash Prevention

Beard Rash Prevention – The Problem, The Solution and Everything Else You need to Know!

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As good as a healthy, bushy, macho beard sounds, beard rash hampers all the fun related to it!

Beard rash has implications over the machismo or a personality that a good beard gives to you. It is annoying and it can drive multiple people crazy. The problem is indeed painful, however can be treated and managed in an endearing manner.

Before we get to know more about beard rash, make sure you are not scratching your beard all the time. Yes, it itches. It itches a lot, and you have the urge to keep going at your face all the time, but don’t! You are only making things worse for yourself.

Now that you have been warned precisely, let’s start by talking about beard rash first!

What is a beard rash?

Beard rash is nothing but an itchy red sensation all over your skin, especially around your beard stubble. It can either be caused by using wrong facial/ beard grooming products or it could be caused by dryness of skin.

In usual cases, beard rash is caused because of constant friction between your stubble and your facial skin. This is why people see a beard rash coming up in the initial stages of beard growth.

If it persists for too long, a beard rash could also make matters worse for you. It could be a hint to the beginning of something else – a bacterial infection. This is why treating a beard rash or getting rid of it are the best solutions.

There are multiple reasons why a beard rash is happening to you. Don’t worry! The problem can be fixed. Here’s how!

  • Steer clear of over-shaving

Shaving and trimming is always an essential part of your beard grooming routine. However, if you focus on shaving more, on a frequent basis, you could be giving rise to a severe beard rash problem.

Instead of using harsh razors to shave your beard off, steer clear of razors at all. Using gently razors is the best thing you could do, if you are looking forward a cleaner look. You could also invest in a beard scissors to trim the excess facial hair off.

  • Keep your beard hydrated at all times

A major reason behind beard rash is a dry, unhydrated beard. The problem can be fixed with a hint of beard oil to prep up and liven your beard up.

Your beard needs its share of love, care and tenderness, which is why a beard oil is essential. Beard oil provides your beard with necessary moisture and hydration and simultaneously provides the power and glory a healthy beard needs. Moreover, the natural oils and nourishing qualities of a beard oil also ward your beard and facial skin off any kind of potential bacterial infection arising out of a beard rash.

  • Keep your skin clean as well

During tough times like these, apart from simply focussing on your beard, you should also focus on your facial skin. Using a good charcoal face wash along with a charcoal face scrub could help you get rid of all the impurities, pollution and dirt settled on your skin. Along with getting rid of all the grime, you can also easily get rid of any potential bacterial infection.

Charcoal has natural anti-microbial properties which is amazing if you feel a beard rash is around the corner. Using a face wash everyday and a scrub twice a week is going to bring wonders to your skin along with healing your beard rash.

Out of all the major tips all over the internet, we the ultimate beard experts have compiled a list of three best tips just for you.

Other things you can do!

Preventing a beard rash comes easy only if you know how and when to follow these tips. You can always prevent it from occurring again in the future. Following a simple beard grooming routine can also help you prevent the problem from cropping up at any time.

  • Make sure you always use a beard shampoo to wash and clean your facial hair. No other soap or shampoo can clean your beard like a beard shampoo can.
  • Ensure you are always patting dry your beard right after you shampoo. Do not tug at your facial hair or leave them to naturally air dry.
  • Once you have dried up your facial hair, you should aim for beard oil. Beard oil should be applied at least once every day.
  • Use a beard comb to fix and groom your beard later and also to keep your beard hair clean and healthy at all times. Combing works wonderfully, because it tends to detangle your facial hair, along with straightening them up. This will ensure there is not thriving ground for any bacteria in the near future.


Though difficult, beard rash a problem can be combated with a few easy tips and tricks. No matter how hard it sounds, it is not going to be a threat looming large at your beard only if you know how to conquer it!

The tips are compiled by beard enthusiasts especially for you.

Happy beards to you!

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