How to take care of your beard during winters

Beard Dandruff: How to Take Care of Your Beard During Winters

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Of all the beards around the globe, some of them hide certain secrets!

No! We are not saying men are the real witches. We are talking about the bigger issue –

Beard Dandruff!

Yep. no matter how lustrous or how macho your beard it, it could be a safe haven to some white friends (no racial puns intended!)

The skin beneath the facial hair might not be nourished enough to give you the luscious beard one dies to have. Your facial skin might be looking for some attention, probably this is why it is giving you beard dandruff. Lack of moisture does that to a beard.

Yes, beard dandruff is sad! But what is even more sad is that you would not know what to do of it.

Just like the other times, your gang is here with your answers and solutions. You know we would never leave your side.

Now that winters are here, we are here to address your biggest concern – Beard dandruff!

But first, what exactly is beard dandruff?

Well, beard dandruff is nothing but your dead skin cells. Yes. As we said above, a non-moisturized skin can often lead up to several damages, and one of them takes form of beard dandruff.

When there is abundance of dead skin cells under your luscious beard, it tends to start showing in your facial hair in the form of white residue. These white snowflakes often can be seen in the form of clusters around your beard, which is of course not a pretty sight.

What causes beard dandruff?

The prime reasons? Dry skin.

Other reasons?

Microbial growth.

Yep! You heard it right. Microbial growth in the form of fungus could also be one of the reasons why you are having beard dandruff problems. There are plenty of microbes that tend to thrive on the natural oils produced by your skin, particularly sebum. Once they start finding your skin “hospitable” they are going to cause an inflammation. This inflammation is in the long run going to fasten the production of new skin cells, causing the old ones to shed faster. This in turn shows up in the form of beard dandruff.

If it is dry skin, you could fix it with the help of beard oil and a facial moisturizer. However, if the issues are microbial in nature, it might need medical attention!

But, it is not like you can not do anything about your beard dandruff!

There are plenty of things you can do to get rid of beard dandruff.

  • Start using a good quality beard oil

If your skin is dry how is a beard oil going to help it? Yes, we know that is your biggest concerns over here! But you need to understand the science behind it all.

Moisturizers and beard oils are composed of different ingredients and consistencies. A beard oil is much lighter in comparison to a moisturizer, and this is how a beard oil is the best suited for tackling beard dandruff issues.

Beard oil can penetrate deep under your facial skin to not only nourish the facial hair down to the roots but also provide your skin under the facial hair the nourishment it requires.

The natural and moisturizing properties of several essential oils and anti-oxidants in a beard oil ensure that your beard dandruff problems are fixed at the core levels. Beard oil tends to fight the issue away on a permanent basis, rather than fixing the problem temporarily like a moisturizer would probably do.

  • Start exfoliating

Nope, exfoliation here does not mean you would start using a face scrub on your beard. Instead, by exfoliation we mean running a beard comb through your mane.

Most men tend to forget this step or probably don’t realize the importance of the same. The step, though sounds very insignificant, is actually pretty beneficial in the long run.

Combing your facial hair will mean that you are investing in keeping your beard clean at all times while preventing any kind of ingrown hair growth, at the same time. This ensures that microbes do not find any hospitality in your face.

Moreover, a beard comb also spreads the essential moisture and nutrition a beard oil provides evenly to every single strand of your beard. This means you do not have to worry about not being able to reach any tricky spot.


Not only are beard oil and a beard comb your best friends this fall/winter season, but they are the products that you should swear by for life!

Both a beard comb and a beard oil together can create a canvas on your face which otherwise would not have been possible.

P.S. Your beard is a work of art, give it what it needs.

Happy beards to you!

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