Why men need lip balms

Why Men Need Lip Balms!

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As a man looking forward to winters, you need an addition in your skincare regime! Read further to know what that is.

Lips form an essential part of your face and your personality, which is why you need to take care of them. You cannot go around licking them with your tongue or moistening them with water to make the cut! You need something extra to deeply treat the problem.

Which is why you need a Lip Balm.

Lip balm is going to act as your savior for the upcoming winters. Lip balms acts amazingly on the thin skin of your lips to make it soft, appealing and more kissable.

Why are lip balms essential?

The skin of your lips as we said is too thin, which is why it is more prone to getting damaged, dry and cracked with a slight gush of cold winds.

As compared to your face, your lips are more susceptible to damage. Dried out lips for an even longer duration could even cause your lips to crack and bleed, which is not really a pleasant sight.

This is why a lip balm is essential, to keep them soft and supple and at the same time kissable.

Lip balms are healers

Yes, it is true. They naturally heal your lips in a holistic manner. A quality lip balm can easily seal up all kinds of cracks in your lips, fix your chapped lips and saves them from potential infections and irritation. They are not just dealing with dryness on your lips but they are dealing in a more holistic way this way.

If not dealt with, your lips are potential to cracking open, bleed and a potential home for infections.

How should you use a lip balm?

You simply need to start with exfoliation. You can wet your lips with water and exfoliate them with the help of your toothbrush. You have to be careful as to not be too harsh, since the skin of your lips is too thin. You could also make a DIY scrub for your lips with sugar and honey and then use it as a natural exfoliator with your toothbrush.

Once you have managed to exfoliate your lips, you are simply rid of most dryness and chapped skin on your lips. Wash it off and apply the lip balm with the help of your finger. And it is done! A process so simple can get you wonderful results all throughout the winter season.

Added SPF benefits

Lip balms come along with added levels of SPF, which protects your lips from the harsh rays of sun. This ensures that no matter how raging the sun is, you and your smile is protected at all times. Nobody likes a sunburned smile, right?

I am a man, should I really invest in a lip balm?

Lip balms are genderless, to answer your question. Lips form an essential part of your personality. You do not want them to disrupt any part of your life. This is why you do need to rely on a quality lip balm.

Moreover, being a man and using a lip does not steal your machismo from you. In fact, taking care of yourself is a quality on which the ladies drool over. You can never run out on your testosterone even if you are taking care of your body. Lip balms therefore are not biased to a gender!

Lip balms are the best investment you are going to make this fall/winter season. Don’t miss out. Buy now!

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