Everything You Want to Know About Hair Serums for Men

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Earlier considered to be a beauty product, hair serum has garnered the attention of various men around the globe for the benefits it provides.

Men are now seen to be spending a lot of time working on the physical aspects of their personalities, especially their hair with the help of a hair serum. No wonder, hair serum has become a popular buy for all men today.

Hair serum, though sounds complicated, really is not one. This is an essential that should be present in your hair care regime, apart from a hair conditioner and a shampoo. Hair serums should not be confused with hair sprays and hair gels. They are all on different tangents!

So what exactly is a hair serum?

Most men still don’t know that. So, let’s find out!

Hair Serum for Men

Hair serum is a hair care product with a consistency between a liquid and a gel. It is comprised of various healthy and essential components that are necessary for your hair, and also contains silicone and amino acids. Hair serums are filled with organic and natural ingredients as well, which work wonders for your hair without having to put them through any form of danger.

Hair serums, this way add the much needed shine and lustre to your hair along with decreasing the amount of frizz in your hair. Apart from making your hair shiny and frizz free, hair serums also protect your hair against the nasty sun, pollution and all the dust and grime around you. The wonder product also helps you make your hair tangle free and smooth.

Using the hair serum

Now, this one should not come as a tricky part. Hair serums are pretty easy to use.

The best way to use a hair serum is to take a coin sized amount in your hand and rub them together to smoothen it out on your hand, just like you would do with hair oil. Simply brush your fingers and your hands along your hair strands and voila! You are done.

You should make sure that your hair is wet at the time of application. Moreover, they should be clean at that time. Once you have cleaned your hair and towel dried them, to an extent, you should use the product along your hair.

Hair serum will work its magic on you, as soon as it is applied! However, just be sure that you do not apply the product to your hair scalp. It is only meant for the hair.

Can you style your hair after applying a hair serum?

Yes, you most definitely can. Hair serums, when applied, tends to spread evenly all over your head. You can choose to blow dry your hair, you can choose to straighten them, perm them, do anything with them, without being worried about any kind of damage.

What else can it do?

Hair serum for men is a God’s blessing, to be honest. Though received late, we are proud we received it at all! Not only does a quality hair serum help you in making your hair manageable, but also provides all kinds of benefits, as we have discussed already in the above paragraphs.

Apart from making your hair manageable, it also controls your hair from becoming too oily in a short span of time. If you hair tends to be oily, even after you shampoo almost every day, a hair serum will rescue you from all your worries. Once you start using a hair serum, you will notice that your hair will fly against the wind, without being weighed down like they usually did. You can enjoy your hair and your style for longer durations once you use the product.


Hair care is an essential aspect of your personality buddies! You should no longer deny this fact. Taking care of your hair is not going to make you less of a man. In fact, women love men who can take of their hair and of themselves. Choose the correct hair products, it is essential. Hair serum should be on your priority purchase list now!

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