Beard 101 – Keeping Your Beard Alive and Preppy!

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It has been a really long time since beards have entered our lives. The trend so magnificent, has no exit doors really! Unlike gums and hairlines, the beard trends are not here to recede. They are only here to grow and foster. In fact, the trends have entered our lives so much that we are now experimenting with facial hair. We are all getting more and more creative, doing things to it, using beard grooming products and other similar things, only to enhance its power, its integrity!

No matter what facial hair look you are opting for! A fully grown Captain America from the Infinity War or you are looking forward to just growing a classic five o’ clock shadow, everything needs to be cracked down to the fundamentals. It is going to take a lot of care and maintenance to keep your beards as happy and alive they were when they started growing out.

Like most things in life, beards only work when we do!

Thanks to experts like us, to help you in every scenario. With beard enthusiasts by your side, you don’t have to think about ways to keeping your beard alive and preppy. You can maintain the magic of your facial hair with the following simple tips.

  • Breathe in, breathe out!

Patience and perseverance is the key here. Yes, it is hard to keep your hands away from that trimmer and those musky beard grooming products, but you need to be patient when dealing with them. Allow your facial hair to grow out for quite a while before you decide on actually styling it with different accessories and products.

Four to six weeks should be the actual probation time for your beard hair to grow out in a healthy manner, or to even be touched for styling.

For the beard of your dreams, you would want to be patient before you trim those tresses off. Once you have waited enough, and your facial hair is solid and rocking, take help of a quality beard trimmer and style it off!

  • Invest in cleaning

Make sure that you are also investing in a quality beard wash once you have made the decision of keeping your beard happy and lively. Just like your head hair, you do not want your facial hair to be tangled, dirty and ill-managed. Moreover, like the hair on your head, if too much grime and sweat accumulates in your beard, it can smell too. This is why you need a quality beard wash.

Not only will your beard smell good, but will also grow out nicely.

Trust us, nobody likes an unkempt beard. It is unattractive! It is like fashion, if you are not wearing it right, they are going to end up looking unappealing.

  • Also invest in nourishment and moisture

Speaking of keeping your beard appealing and nourished – you also need to invest in beard oils.

Beard oils are full of natural ingredients and fragrances that are made to cater to your beard nourishment. Everything your beard needs, a quality beard oil has it!

Not only will your facial hair receive the necessary nutrients but it will also help tame the fizziness and wildness in your beard. Your beard will be smooth, silky and fresh. Moreover, the natural fragrances will keep it smelling nice, all through the sultry summers.

Beard oils are known to keep your beard shiny, happy and healthy.

  • Tame it properly

Apart from investing in beard wash and beard oil, you also would want to invest in products that can help keep your facial hair tamed and frizz free!

You would want to brush and comb it with products that are specifically made for taming the wild in your beard. Not that we don’t want your wild beard spirit to go away, but you get the drift, right?

Beard combs are important since brushing and combing is going to encourage your facial hair to grow better, in a single direction. This is going to, in turn, help you sculpt your hair with least amount of efforts along with keeping your appearance vibrant and preppy at all times!

  • Never ignore your moustache!

A luscious beard is never complete without a happy and healthy moustache!

As they say, beard and moustaches are best friends for life! This is why, you need to pay your due share of attention to your moustache as well.

Trimming your moustache, grooming it and maintaining it is going to bring you the best results in the long run.

Using a moustache wax will also help make this grooming process easier. A moustache wax will not only keep your wilderness in place, but will also make you look appealing when facing the world!

If you are looking forward to be the alpha male around your peers, maintaining your beard is the best way to go about it! Tame it, oil it, wash it and trim it, whatever you do, make sure your beard is happy, alive and preppy!

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