The Psychology of Beards

The Psychology of Beards

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Everything in this world is based on one simple principle – Cause and effect.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We have been taught of the beauty of this principle in high school. We have also been made to see real life examples of the same to back this principle up. Throw a rock in the puddle, some water will splash on your face. Go out in the sun, you are surely going to be tanned! The principle works wonderfully on a daily basis.

A similar thing happens when you are trying to grow a beard. There are always going to be consequences, good consequences, when you opt for a bearded machismo appearance. Psychology and science play a wonderful role here. When you decide to carry an alpha-male appearance with you, your day to day life is surely going to be affected.

But how exactly?

Well, let’s find out!

  • Beards and attractiveness

Beards have always had a weird connection with your sexual appeal and attractiveness. Beards improve your chances of having meaningful relationships with the women around you. They are like a fancy adornment you can carry to be a hit with the ladies.

Psychological studies have been conducted to back this claim up. A study conducted in the 70s claims that bearded males have always been considered better looking and masculine. They have always been considered confident, dominating and courageous. Women involved in these studies were found to be rating men with beards higher than men without beards. Beards are known to enhance the sexual appeal and attractiveness of a man in comparison to their non-bearded friends. Another more recent study also claims to have similar results.

Beards tend to not just boost attractiveness but they help you, as a man, be distinct from the herd of non-bearded peers. A beard will not only help you be distinguished but popular as well.

  • Enhanced machismo

Apart from making all the men out there a hit with the ladies, beards also help establish dominance among males and their peers. It is an evolutionary fact. Beards do help males establish their dominance and authority and help them look aggressive in front of their peers. The fact came out in a cross-cultural study conducted in the early 2010’s. Bearded men are not only considered more attractive but also more masculine and aggressive. Moreover, they are perceived to be dominant and overly masculine in comparison to their counterparts.

  • Beards and social standing

A study conducted in the late 90s focused on how men with beards are perceived to be more and more competent on majority job applications. Moreover, they have always been considered to be more experts in various professional realms as compared to their beardless counterparts.

Another study from 2013 focuses on bearded men being better husbands, boyfriends and even fathers. This can probably be true and connected directly to the fact beards bring dominance and machismo out of a man. They are not only considered more masculine but are also considered to be better protectors and providers.

  • Trust and beards

Men with facial hair are considered to be trustworthy in comparison their clean shaved counterparts. A study conducted in the early 2010’s suggested that people were more likely to trust and choose men with beards, when it came to developing great first impressions

  • Intellectuality and beards

Beards are not just connected to confidence and machismo but they are also directly connected to intelligence and intellectuality. Beards are enormous in the way they display knowledge and wisdom of a man. Probably that is why they help make a man appear mature. If you are not satisfied, we have some great examples for you! Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, your college professor! Go ahead, grow a beard.

Beards are the best thing that can happen to a man! Your life is sure to change when you decide to grow a beard. Invest in a quality beard oil and beard grooming kit and you are going to witness the results and changes that are going to make you be perceived as a celebration as soon as you enter the room! Wear your pride on your face, sport that beard!

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