Fixing a patchy beard

Fixing A Patchy Beard

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You have been working so hard at growing your beard. It is apparently your final milestone to becoming the ultimate man. You are spending all your time, money, energy and other resources only to look like Chris Evans from the Infinity War, but wait!

What is that?

You see a bald spot. You weren’t really looking forward to it, were you? Yet it is still there. Nobody told you about patches, right?

That is the bitterness about beards. The cold and harsh reality rather. Not all beards are equal after all. There is a lot that goes in to make sure your beard is perfect.

But hey! Don’t lose hope. With us by your side you won’t be left with a sad looking stubble. Your beard is bound to get better as you grow. But if you are on the younger side, you have reasons to rejoice.

We are getting you the ultimate guide on how to fix your patchy beard. This guide is going to help you fill out all the minor and major gaps that are making your beard lose its beauty. You can easily get a full-fledged Captain America beard in a couple of days.

But, first things first.

Why is your beard patchy?

There are a few reasons that are making your beard lose its glory and become patchy.

  • Genetics play a major role. You cannot fight them, but they are going to affect you. If your father or your grandfather were not able to grow a fuller beard, chances are you are not going to be able to do that either.
  • Alopecia areata is one of the most common beard problems men suffer from, often causing small coin shaped bald spots in your beard. This condition may or may not disappear with proper treatment.
  • Hormonal imbalances are another reason that could affect your beard growth in the long run, often causing bald spots. A decrease in testosterone is one of the prime causes

Don’t lose hope. Here are a few solutions by which you can fix your patchy beard.

  • Take your nutrition

Lack of nutrition can cause multiple problems when you are trying to grow a beard. This is why taking in the necessary amount of proteins, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and E, and Omega 3 fatty acids are much more important than they sound. While protein contains keratin, which is necessary for a healthy hair growth, the other nutrients are not supposed to be left out from your daily diet.

Each of them have their own purposes in your body.

Vitamin E and C give your body the necessary amount of moisturization it needs, while Vitamin A repairs your skin, from which the facial hair erupt.

You are what you eat. Do not leave out nutrition from your diet.

  • Stop stressing out

You cannot really avoid it, but you have to. You cannot let it consume you. It will affect your beard in ways you cannot even think of. We often think meeting deadlines, relationship issues, health issues, career issues are all a part of life and so is the stress that comes out of it. Hardly do we think of the impacts it puts on our bodies.

Stress tends to produce a lot many hormones in your body which make it difficult for your body to receive the necessary amount of nutrition. The hormones produced can restrict the level of blood flow, which is why you should lower your stress levels. If nutrients are not received by your body, it is harder for your hair follicles to grow out properly, causing bald spots.

  • Allow room for growth

There might be a slight chance that you are not understanding your beard growth pattern. You might not be allowing it to grow out completely. You need to give it the opportunity to grow out and flourish. You should avoid touching a razor unless you have given it ample time to grow in the initial stages. Is you are slicing it off after the initial two weeks of growth, as soon as you see a bald patch somewhere, you are not going to uncover the non-patchy side of your beard.

Beards require a lot of patience and perseverance. This is why you should not shave them off when they are still in their infancy. Give yourself and your beard enough time to take control of the situation. Master the art of patience, and also trimming.

  • Invest in beard oil

Beard oil is a wonder that no other product can match. It should be a necessity in your beard grooming kit. Beard oils are filled with the essential nutrition that your body requires to grow a healthier and a fuller beard. Beard oil enhances not only your beard but also your skin. Your hair follicles become stronger, your beard becomes fuller, and it overall becomes softer with constant use. Beard oils tend to clean your beard out with their properties that give you the room to manage them in an easy manner. They clear out all the dead skin cells sitting beneath your facial hair, obstructing their growth and in turn causing bald patches.

These solutions have helped many men around the globe, making them happy and satisfied with their lives, especially their beards. While you are trying to grow out a healthier and fuller beard, you should also master the art of embracing it. Embracing certain things in your life is only going to help you get peace within yourself. When you are embracing, keep your efforts going on. Keep styling and experimenting with your beard. Keep trimming it, keep looking for the strong points for your facial hair. You eventually will rise out of it and shine like a phoenix, bright in the sky.

Till then, happy beards to you!

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