Scruffy Beard – Maintain it Today!

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Scruffy beard or your unkempt stubble growth is the ultimate way to give yourself the wilder, unkempt appearance that you have always been looking for. It not just another runway fashion style, but can take your personality for a drive with its roughness and its attractiveness.

This kind of stubble growth is versatile in its nature. They are admired by almost all the men on this planet, and even the ladies. The beard style is your way to deliver your personality’s wilder side to the world. You could suit up and be a boss, and still channel your inner wild animal through this beard style.

This kind of a stubble might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, still is desirable. It is one of the most creative ways to express yourself and your personality. It is a complement to not just your personal style and your personality, but your your wardrobe choices as well.

It is truly a man’s perfect partner. However, one of the most common query we get is about their maintenance and upkeep. How do you take care of your wild scruff? Is is easy to maintain?

If you know how to maintain your scruff, you are surely going to be able to achieve nirvana. You can surely accomplish success in a matter of days. You can surely get the edge you are looking for in your style statement. With the following steps, you can easily achieve the wilder, tougher and mainliner appearance you are looking for.

  • Keep your face clean

Ever heard of a clean slate? Your face is your clean slate for your beard. Of course, beard does not come alone. Most people, when looking forward to taking care of their beard often forget to manage their face and skin. This is where you can go wrong. Keeping your facial skin healthy, well moisturised and clean is going to take your beard game up by several notches. Simply invest in a good face wash, drink more and more water and use a moisturiser everyday to keep your face healthy looking and nice.

  • Keep styling your beard

Focus more on styling your beard on a regular basis. A scraggly beard is not what you are looking forward to, even if you are opting for a scruffy beard look. You should opt for a beard style which suits the face and contours of your face and complements your personality. Styling your beard will give you the confidence to face your world with a personality that is ready to take on the world.

  • Seek out some wacky beard hacks to give your beard the edge.

Look up the internet, put your grey cells to working for what is best for your beard. The wide world of internet is always at your disposal. You can truly design a new and innovative way to change your beard style and make it a part of your personal style statement.

  • Keep your beard clean

This goes without saying. You do need to keep your beard clean and fresh at almost every point of time. You need to invest in a beard wash to get rid of all the grime and dirt your beard can accumulate, especially during summers with all the sweat surrounding your face and facial hair. Not cleaning your beard properly can cause it to not just develop smell, but also can cause bald spots and beard dandruff.

  • Invest in combing your beard.

Combing your beard is the best gift you can give to your personality and your facial hair. Regularly using a moustache wax/beard oil and then combing your beard will keep it well maintained, tidied up and fresh. It will give your suaveness in your personality. Combing at least once daily is the way to go.

  • Start applying beard oil

It should your primary step on a daily basis to make your beard look well-kept. You can change your beard appearance and mane your tresses by using it on an everyday basis. Beard oil gives your facial hair the nourishment it deserves and make it softer and well-maintained, if used everyday. They will not only look healthier, but will be easy to manage as well.

  • Invest in more beard styling products.

Investing in beard styling products is the best way to not just maintain your facial hair, but also to keep them well kempt and clean. You can style your beard with the help of products like a moustache wax and a beard lotion and keep your facial hair in check.

  • Stop your beard from being too dry

Speaking of beard lotion, you need to definitely invest in a beard lotion to make sure your beard hair are not drying up. Your facial hair of course need the much needed moisture. Moisture helps to keep your beard maintained and free of other common beard problems. Apart from investing in a beard lotion, you should also keep wary of hot showers and hair dryers. They can cause much harm to your beard hair than you can imagine.

Scruffy beard is not a turn off. You can convert it into your personal style statement in a matter of days. You just need to keep looking out for it. However, if you still have beard problems, write to us, we might help you out!

Happy beards to you.

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