Summertime madness: Beard and skin care tips!

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Fresh air, green grass, nature in its full bloom, pleasant weather, summers bring along every positive feeling! But, they also bring along the madness, the vacationing mood, the fun, the outdoor activities and much more. Your summer could be spent with you working your days off or they could be spent outside, feeling the nature, if you are lucky! But hey! You have the weekends, you can spare some time to let your hair lose!

But but but! Not so fast. With summers come a variety of skin and beard problems.

Mind you guys, with all the ladies and their pretty smooth skin out there, you do want to take care of your skin and your beard. You know the ladies love your beards!

With the following simple and easy tips you can simply focus on swaying your lady love off the ground. You can be sure your skin and your beard are in the best condition all throughout summer.

Let’s talk about your skin first.  

  • Cleaning your skin daily and moisturizing are important

Let’s face it, with summer comes the sweat. And with sweat come clogged pores. You don’t want clogged pores, it is only going to make your facial skin health go downhill. You are not only going to say goodbye to your ladies, but are also going to say goodbye to your social life this way. This is why it is essential to cleanse your face properly, at least twice a day. Keeping your facial skin clean, though a challenge during summers, but can be achieved effectively. Invest in a facial cleanser that suits your skin type and which is paraben free. You should aim for a clean skin which will shine naturally without causing any damage.

Once you are done cleaning your face properly, the next wise step you need to follow is moisturizing. Moisturizing is the Robin for the clean Batman. It is an essential part of your skin care routine. Facial cleansers can rob off the essential moisture from your face, which in the long run turns out to be an even worse situation for your skin. Moisturization will help you protect your skin and preserve its natural quality and sheen. Moreover, it will replenish your sensitive skin and keep your skin cells healthy.

Now, let’s focus on your beards.

Just like your skin, your beard needs to be washed and moisturized on a regular basis as well. Especially after a long hard summer day. Summers bring with them sweat and sweat not only brings clogged pores, as we talked about, but they bring all kinds of grime and dirt stuck in your beard. You don’t want to be living with so much dirt in your precious beard. You would want to clean that out. This is why you should be taking help of a quality beard wash to clean it thoroughly while still maintaining your beard’s natural sheen and luster. Once you are done washing your beard off, you should always moisturize your beard with the help of our beard lotion. Beard lotion ensures your beard hair are well hydrated and soft. This will also reduce itchiness and frizziness.

Last but not the least.

  • Stay hydrated!

For a great skin and an even great beard, you need to ensure that you are keeping yourself hydrated all through the day. Yes, beers are important but what is even more important is water. Water makes up about 70% of your body, which is important to not only keep your body function but to keep you living and breathing. Water makes up majority of our skin cells too. This is why keeping yourself hydrated is the key to good skin. Moreover, staying hydrated will also help your beard hair from breaking apart. It will make them stronger and healthier.

It may sound like a lot but keeping yourself hydrated is the best thing you could be doing to your body, especially during summers. Rest? Cleanse, moisturize, and repeat! As simple as that.

Happy beards to you.

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