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Beards are fascinating. There are layers and layers to them and we seem to never get past these intricate layers of fascination!

The more we learn about facial hair, the more we fall in love with. The more we understand them, the more interesting they tend to become. The more we try and discover their new layers, the more we get better at keeping up with their natural beauty and gorgeousness!

Beard is not just a few hair on your face, it is rather an emotion!

It has been a part of our lives for many centuries. They have not just entered our lives a few years ago. They are a sort of revolution!

This revolution did not just spread through males all across the globe, but also somehow made it to our dictionaries and our language.

That’s right! We are about to dig in to some very interesting phrases that have been doing the rounds in various English language books for quite some time now. We are about to go deep into the minds of the Anglo-Saxons who discovered these phrases to define the ultimate beauty of nature- beards!

  • Make one’s beard

The literal meaning of this phrase turns out to be someone who is trying to control other people, like a total boss. The ancient texts suggest this phrase was actually about a barber trying to shave someone’s beard, having all control on someone sitting in the chair by holding the razor very near to their throat.

Well, we have always focused on machismo and confidence when we talk about beards. And guess what! It was not just us. People in the ancient times believed this too. Anyone who knows how to control their facial hair to enhance their appearance will know what it’s like to be a confident alpha male!

  • Let your hair down

Well, not so much about beards as hair overall, but yeah! This one still makes it to our list. The phrase has been around us for way too many years now. We use it loosely often. We use it when we are trying to make memories, trying to live our lives in the best way possible, trying to have the best time of our lives. One thing you might have noted about this phrase is that we often use it around someone who is not feeling the vibe of the fun we are all trying to have! Am I right? I often use it around my uptight friends who are always concerned about work and time and deadlines, rather than having fun.

It’s the same with beards. If you are not “letting your hair down”, if you are not having fun while grooming your beard, if you are not having fun experimenting with beards, you, my friend, are losing out too much! Let your hair down and experiment. Who knows when you’ll hit the jackpot?

  • Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair loss is a major issue that affects more than half the population on this planet, even the males! Yes. But, you should not really be worries as we are not really the only generation going through the hair loss phase. We should be proud to know that it was our ancestors who went through the same issues that we do today! Hair loss is probably perpetual, but with proper care and maintenance you can of course better the situation.

The point is, “hair today, gone tomorrow” is not something we use it today. The phrase was used by people in the olden days too. Moreover, there are truly optimistic people on this planet who metaphorically changed the meaning and focus of this phrase. All hail optimism!

A different approach of looking at this phrase has revolutionized the world with its positivity. People look at it as something like a limited offer or a way to enjoy the best time of our lives while we can, because life is too short to be serious all the time! Truly said! This is why we are told to “let our hair down” every once in a while. This phrase helps us appreciate and celebrate the short life we have with us. Nobody knows where they will be tomorrow!

These are our top picks. These phrases are so versatile, we can throw them in in almost every conversation we have with other people. You should take the positive vibes out of them and start doing the same too.

Happy beards to you!

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