why did my beard stop growing

Why Did My Beard Stop Growing?

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You might be panicking right now, considering your facial hair is not exactly matching your expectations or that they have growing all of a sudden! But hey! You don’t really have to worry. You have the ultimate beard experts with you to guide you.

Every man has different reasons for this very specific and common problem. It varies from person to person. But hey, what exactly is the reason in your case?

Why has your beard hair stopped growing?

A harsh but universal truth, yes they do sometimes stop growing. Let’s figure out the most common reason for the same.

Usually when facial hair reaches a terminal length, they tend to stop growing any further. The problem is pretty common in most males out there.

Specific reasons for a terminal length beard problem?

Hormonal imbalances, nutrition and dietary issues, damaged hair and hair follicles, and skin diseases.

What stands true in your case? Let’s figure that out now!

  • One of the most common reasons as to why your beard has stopped growing is breakage. Brittle and dry hair tend to be the biggest victims here. They will break off and might seem to never grow back again after a certain length is achieved. To make sure this isn’t happening to you, you need to be gentle with your facial hair. You need to be hydrated enough, not just externally with beard lotions, but internally too. What you also need to do is to seek help of a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner at least 3 times a week. However, overdoing it might strip your facial off of some essential nutrients. Therefore, to protect your facial hair in the long run, also take help of a quality beard oil. This way, they will be less likely to break apart.
  • Another common reason is a poor diet. It is important that if you are trying to grow your beard to a fuller length, you are consuming the right quantities of essential nutrients. You need good amounts of iron, Vitamin E, Protein, Selenium, Copper, and also magnesium to make sure your beard grows properly. Consuming all of these in one go isn’t really possible, therefore, you should invest your money in beard oils to give your beard the necessary nourishment.
  • Another factor which could be hampering your beard growth is split ends. Yes, it is your facial hair we are talking about, and no split ends are not just restricted to hair on your head. A single strand of hair on your face could be splitting into two equal halves due to multiple reasons. Harsh methods of combing and brushing your facial hair, dryness, blow drying too often, and even over coloring your facial hair.
  • As we talked about in the beginning, every man has a different terminal length when it comes to growing your beard hair. Your beard hair might stop growing after reaching a certain length. This explains why your sideburns do not grow as long as your beard grows. Even if you keep your beard untouched, it is only capable of growing to a certain length. Your facial hair is bound too.

Stressing yourself out, keeping busy all the time is not just taking a toll on your mental health, but also your facial hair growth. If you do not have enough time to relax, sleep and exercising you are inviting stress hormones and other hormonal imbalances which directly counter your beard growth. You need to manage some time out for relaxing and refreshing, if you are looking forward to growing a fuller beard.

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