Bad Beard Habits: Here Are 7 Things Not To Do With Your Beard

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No matter how passionate you are about your beard and its care routine, you could fall into the trap of what it called “Bad Beard Habits”.

You would never want to be seen as the guy who would let bad things happen to their beard. Patchiness, improper grooming, ill-styled beards are all beard faux-pas you must aim to avoid. But no matter how long you have been growing your beard for, you could still fall into the category of bad beards. You could be partying too hard, you could be using artificial products in a huge quantity, you could be doing anything stated on the list here, everything would only give rise to a bad beard on your face.

We as beard lovers would never want this to happen. We want you to be the pro in you beard category as you are in your life. We do not want you to roam around with a tag of ‘bad beard’ attached to you. We want nothing but the best for you. And this is why we have compiled together a list of 7 bad beard habits you might be making unknowingly, which impair you off of the wonder your beard is!

  • You are afraid to take any kind of chances

Most men are guilty of this habit. They are afraid to embrace new styles and new habits when it comes to their beards. Of course some habits could go wrong, but most could deliver you with fascinating results too! Therefore, it is very important that you are styling your beard in accordance with what feels right. If you are capable of growing a full beard there is nothing you should do to impair your beard of the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. But, however, you should not get carried away with what the latest celebrity beard trends are or what your friends are doing. You should be assessing multiple factors to decode your beard style, which of course involves you taking loads of chances. Always remember, whatever you do, your beard should reflect the man you are underneath!

  • You do not clean your beard enough

Do not ever skip cleaning your beard. Cleaning your beard is important to keep it fresh and good looking. However, if you still think you can achieve the fresh appearance with a normal soap or a normal shampoo, you are wrong. You need a quality beard wash to maintain your beard. You cannot just do it with anything else.

  • You might be over washing it

Speaking of washing and cleaning your beard, you could even possibly over wash your beard. Yes, it is important to keep your beard clean, however, if you over-wash it you could be spelling troubles for your facial hair. You could not just dry your beard out but you could strip it off of its natural oils. Moreover, this over washing could even cause your beard to develop dandruff in the long run. Therefore, limit your beard washing habits to a maximum of three times every week.

  • Do not skip moisturisation

No, moisturizing is not limited to women. Men can do it too and can gain so many benefits out of it. You can have an alpha male beard even if you moisturize. Without the help of a quality beard oil you are literally asking your beard to be dry and dandruff and breakage prone. Apart from all this, you are also causing harm to your beard in the long run. You could very well see flaky and inflamed skin if you do not moisturize your beard well.  It is therefore important that you are bringing back all the natural oils and conditioning to your beard by oiling it enough.

  • Beard and food are not a combination!

Always always keep your beard free from all the food crumbs and other food items. They are never a good match! It is a strict no no! Wipe away all the food crumbs and other food items that accidently fell in your facial hair. If you forget to do that, you are calling dryness and other infections to your beard and to your face. It is never a good sight!

  • Another hangover episode

Yes, it is the weekend and you desperately want to hit the bar! You are drinking too much and are having the time of your life. But, do you realize you are causing harm to your facial hour in those “party hard” hours?

Partying too hard for your facial hair implies a bad beard. Alcohol consumption can mar your beard style and cause dehydration. This in the long run can also lead to obstructions in facial hair growth. Moreover, this can also lead to a fall in the zinc levels, ultimately causing your beard to get rid of all the nutrients. Yes, we are not asking you to not party, but when you do remember the glory your beard is! You will thank us.

  • Stroking and pulling at your beard

You could be deep in your thoughts or it could be just habitual and you are guilty of stroking your beard or even pulling at it. Listen to what excess stroking does to your beard. It spreads dirt and oil to your beard, it causes acne, it could also lead to excess dandruff. Now, listen to what excess pulling does to your facial hair. You could damage your hair follicles and you could be completely ripping apart your facial hair. Do you want bald patches? No? Then stop pulling your beard. Save yourselves from all the trauma that comes from pulling and stroking your beard hair too often.

All these tips come from experts who love their beards and are obsessed with beard on other’s faces too. These superheroes just want to save you from all kinds of troubles! They want you to achieve the boldest beard one could ever possess. Always remember beard glory is going to be worth all the efforts! Happy beards to you!

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