Pogonophile. (Noun) Meaning? A lover of beards.

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If you think you are a Pogonophile, this one’s for you!

Beards are like the best! They are awesome. This creation, particularly, can be termed as a religion. They are not just facial hair, they are a way of life.

No matter what gender you are – a man or a woman, anyone can be a pogonophile. Provided, you are a true lover of beards and everything facial hair. The term can be a handful. The real origins of the term can be seen to have been derived from two languages – Pogono, from Ancient Greek and Phile, from Latin.

It’s not like you have to use the term every day, but hey! Doesn’t harm to learn new things, right?

But, one thing is for sure, you can call yourself a Pogonophile if you do have the following traits.

(P.S. – No one is going to judge you for that!)

  • You admire people with beards!

If you are a man and appreciate everything about beards without being apprehensive of it being on someone else, you are a Pogonophile.

You could be at a social event and you could see someone entering the venue with a beard like a Greek God, and voila! You are smitten. You don’t care if you are a man. You are smitten with the beauty of the beard. That beard does not inflict pressures on your manliness. You’ll go out and appreciate that one.

See someone on the road while going back home with a magnificent beard? You’re most likely to take a detour to appreciate that man. Or maybe you could relate to someone who is spending time appreciating and scrolling between beards related content on social media.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. You love beards and you are appreciating it. As long as it is a healthy obsession, go ahead! Indulge more.

  • You are probably friends with people who have fuzzy faces.

We all know how hard the actual beard growing journey is. And when you indulge into friendships with someone who has been through that journey, you seem to share a mutual admiration with them. You find yourself drawn to people with beards as your friends, since they are like-minded. The passion of beard consumes you to this extent! But hey, don’t belittle yourself. It is totally normal. You wake up, get ready, groom your facial hair with a quality moustache wax, come back home, wash your beard with a beard wash, apply beard oil before you go to sleep! You’d certainly want to share these intricacies with someone who experiences similar things. It is definitely not wrong. Go be pals with them!

  • You are never out of beard grooming supplies!

Speaking of beard grooming habits, a Pogonophile is never out of beard grooming kits and supplies. You are always ready to splurge on beard grooming products. Yes, you are careful as to not overspend, but hey! Look at that new beard oil!

We understand how important a groomed and maintained beard is to you. We share a similar journey. We know it takes a lot of time and patience to get to the spot you’ve been aiming for since a long time. We know the efforts and struggles. Therefore, you are allowed to spend on your guilty pleasures.

  • You are passionate and patient!

A true lover of beards is never afraid of the challenges that surmount when growing a beard. The journey could be uncomfortable, but you are patient enough to take the challenge! It wouldn’t matter to you in the long run, right?

In fact, you see yourself sharing your journey passionately with others. You are aiming to be the ultimate alpha male. You seem to be inspired by others and also inspire others in your journey. And guess what! They love you even more for that. Remember what Emma Stone said in La La Land? “People love what other people are passionate about”. Don’t be afraid! Consume yourself with love.

If you exhibit any one or more signs, you are a true Pogonophile. Never lose yourself. Stay passionate! Happy beards to you!

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