Your beard, your identity!

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As a marketing professional, it was my duty to maintain my image and personality in front of colleagues and prospective clients. This meant me shaving my facial hair to make people believe I was a dedicated marketing professional, on whom they could rely!

My personal story was completely different though! My girlfriend loved my beard. Vacations and long weekends brought in that tiny stubble growth for me, which enhanced my relationship with my girlfriend. But as soon as the weekend was over, it was time to bid farewell to my facial hair too.

So began my journey as a beardless professional. But who hasn’t been stuck in such a position at some point in life?

You shave your facial hair, make sure you appear “professional” in a nicely ironed shirt with a contrasting tie, showing off your best smile and land that dream job, only to realize that you are now under an obligation to maintain that image. Well, yeah! A week old stubble can be perceived as a bit unprofessional. You could give yourself some time to grow it out professionally, so you look sharp and fresh in your next meeting with a client, but there is not enough time for the same! And thus begins your journey as a completely beardless professional.

But where is your branding? Where is your identity?

I gave up on the idea of being a professional with no beard! I realized that growing a beard was my ultimate calling. A simple logo of an eaten apple entails so much more, probably $900 bn! Keeping this in mind, I was all set to establish my own branding.

Logos and brand symbols are so much more than just mere representations. It is not just a logo relating to the name of a business, it is their value. It is a definition of what that business entails. Lack of a logo or a symbol that resonates this value doesn’t really suit the needs of today’s millennials who are visual creatures. We are visual beings. We need symbols, we need something to come in front of our eyes when we talk of a particular brand! Something which can “validate” the existence of such a brand. This is exactly how the society works when it comes to humans!

Humans need validation too! As a marketing professional I realized this early on. And I am so glad I did! I have never been in a better position, professionally and personally. I realized I need to reach people and leave lasting impacts on them. I needed to fetch instant success!

So, I took that plunge and grew a beard. I did not pay heed to what people thought of my struggles while growing a beard. Beard oil was my best friend!

Having a beard is not going to make you rebellious! It directly points to the fact that you are passionate in life! Look at it this way, it takes a lot of time to grow a beard, a perfect “alpha-male” beard. In the long run, a beard is thus an investment. How? Well, you need not tell people you are driven, motivated and committed. It is on your face. It is a conformity of your passion. The longer and sharper your beard, the better you are perceived by the people.

Beard is going to be the first thing people notice about you, professionals and ladies alike! While ladies are going to fall for your well-groomed beard representing your patient and committed side, while the professionals are going to want to transact with you because of your capability to keep your word!

Your uniqueness lies in your beard! It speaks more about you than you could ever imagine. It signifies your maturity, your manliness, your style, your freedom; overall, you! Be your own boss! Take that plunge and grow your ultimate beard today! Make yourself appear worth more than what you are.

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