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Stiffen your curly beard in no time!

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Are you the lucky one who has a curly beard? A curly beard may no doubt look a bit frisky to handle but its something that lot of guys envy because a curly beard is naturally thick and strong. Many guys who envy curly beard actually don’t know how much it is difficult to maintain it. Though it looks great but to make those curls great you need to maintain it harder because it tends to grow in different directions. With every good looking beard there is a secret inside!

Here are some tricks and tips that would definitely help you to keep your curly beard neat and stiff!

  • The more you wash, the better it looks:

This is the basic step that is one of the most important thing to do. The more you wash your beard, the cleaner it looks. Summers are on head and you know it’s a daunting task to be in a bushy and curly beard. We suggest you to wash your beard at least twice a day to keep it clean and well maintained.

Why we suggest you to wash your beard so frequently is because this would make it soft as well as healthy. Do wash it with beard wash at least three times a week. This would help to keep your beard smooth. Rest of the week you should simply wash your beard with water. This will naturally make it soft.

  • Right tools is the secret key:

You know the type of beard you are in. You know it well that you cannot go without a beard comb and a beard brush. When you know that your beard is unruly then you need to accessorize it rightly. It is vital to choose right beard accessories for your curly beard. For instance choose wide toothed beard brush to untangle your curly beard. Well, you know very well what works best for you. You know that right accessories will help you to maintain it well. You can also go with a board bristle beard brush so that it helps you to spread the products well in your beard. If your beard is too hard, we recommend you to use beard softener to soften it.

  • Keep it moisturized:

Your mane is very precious because it not only makes you look good but also helps you to feel good! Summers are really typical and on the top of it if you have a long curly beard then it may seem very difficult for you to keep it hydrated as well as moistened. We have suggested you to wash your beard consistently! In this step we advise you to apply beard lotion to your mane so that its moisture is restored. Beard lotion not only gives a shine to the beard but also makes it softer. It keeps your beard styled every time! So keep yourself styled because girls love your styled mane.

  • Style is what you owe:

We hope with our tips and tricks your beard becomes soft and healthy. Now, when you have taken proper care of your beard it’s time to style it because its something you owe. You can get best results by using hair dryer as well as straightening iron. Here is a simple tip we would love to share with you. Style your beard with dryer. First set the dryer at low temperature and comb your beard with beard brush gently so that it helps to straighten your mane. Do blow the dryer with care so that it doesn’t damage your beard.

When you are done with the setting of your beard, style it with a beard lotion. To keep your beard styled, don’t forget to get it trimmed every week. This will make it look neat and clean.

Summers are somewhat frustrating but don’t let it frustrate your precious mane. Hope these tips will help you out to maintain your beard this summer as well as helps you to fix your curly beard.

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