Is the beard season over?

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The temperature is soaring high, and the season to wear your leather jackets with rugged boots has finally come to an end. You might have felt the need to be a bit scruffy during the fall/ winter seasons, however now that summers are here, you are contemplating on the same.

For bearded men, summers is the most dreadful season. Bear maintenance goes for a toss during the season. People with seemingly good abilities of growing a wonderful beard seem to be inclined to chopping it off. They invest in high-quality razors as a warm up to welcome the season. But is it a right decision?

If you are in a dicey situation because of summers and your beard, this one is for you!

First, let’s get into the mechanics of why beards irritate the most during summers?

Beards are good heat trappers. Therefore, men have an inclination for them during winters.  They trap the heat in and keep your skin warm. However, this could become a problem for many men out there during summers.

But, to enjoy summers, you necessarily do not have to shave off your entire beard! You just need to make a few changes in your beard grooming habits to enhance your summer beard experience. It can provide you with the respite you are looking for.

Change 1

Say hello to your new best friend – beard wash!

Beard wash is a vital part of your beard care routine. It is essential to keep your beard fresh by washing it. For the perfect beard, washing routine consists of washing your beard 3-4 times in a week. However, your washing routine is a subjective matter. It could completely depend on your lifestyle and your needs.

But why do you need regular washing? During summers, there is a lot of sweat formation on your skin, and because of the beard, it could be trapped inside. Mixed with all the environmental pollutants, it could give rise to foul smell and also residue and grime formation. This way your beard is going to be dirty. This can also lead to the development of skin inflammation. By washing your beard, you are going to keep your face free from inflammation while your beard fresh!

Change 2

If you are a sports freak or are always on the run, you might seek the help of the best beard wash every day during summers. But this could lead your facial hair to be harsh and rough. Pretty similar to what over-shampooing does to your hair! In this case you should invest in a beard lotion too! Applying a beard lotion every now and then to your beard is not only going to leave it soft and hydrated, but will also help your skin to be less and less irritated. This is going to be an effective combination for sporting that bearded look even during the harshest summer times.

Change 3

The next thing you definitely are supposed to do is invest in a quality beard oil. A good quality beard oil might not aid you in the best grooming practices, but will help you cope with the seasonal changes. All the sweat can lead to grime and residue development. This way, not only is your beard going to be heavy and unclean, but also smelly. Beard oil does to your beard what a normal hair oil can do to your hair. It can enhance the beard hair to look healthier and fresher and at the same time, make them shine out. Added fragrances in your beard oil is going to help your put a lasting impact on the people around you!

With all this and other tips, your beard is going to stand out! Practicing these tips and tricks is not really hard! A little diligence is going to do the deed for you. It might be the season to cut short your beard, but it is definitely not the season to get rid of it completely. Keep the razor away from your face and invest in our beard grooming products to see the difference!

PS – If you are looking forward to a summer date, embrace your beard! Women love bearded men.

Happy beards to you!

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