Your beard speaks a lot more than you think!

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Beards have been a significant part of our history. Even today, they are symbolic to the image of a modern man, in terms of his machismo and manliness.

However, not everyone is aware of the importance they hold in our lives. Facial hair is the epitome and the pinnacle of being a man. Since not everyone is capable of growing a beard, they tend to separate the alpha males from the rest of the world to place their stronghold on the world. Their virility, their dominance and their prestige, it is all defined by facial hair.

  • Dominating the world!

Beards = Domination, period! Other than just being thousands of tiny hair strands of your face, they replicate sheer dominance on the world. Beards are helping men of all ages and all body types to enhance their aggressiveness and stronghold on those around them. This concept is very similar to showering dominance in the animal world. Beards helps intimidate people around them, especially their rivals.

Studies have also been conducted on thousands of men all over the world to depict that the significance of a man in the world is directly linked to their facial hair. This has become prominent, especially in today’s millennial age, where mainstream media and social media apps are ruling over our lives to give us the image of the ultimate man. Images of male epitome are endorsed by these media, and this in turn has led them to embark on the journey of becoming aggressive and dominating in the world with the help of a beard.

A male image has thus been personified, especially with the onset of products like beard oil and moustache wax!

  • Hypermasculinity of a male is directly linked to his sexual prowess.

Though social media has personified the image of a man to be hyper masculine, it has also led the world to be influenced by the direct correlation between his sexual prowess and beard growth. Beards are thus, the most effective and a definitive way to attracting their better halves. This way, beards are becoming the symbol of virility and dominance in bed. Beard is nature’s way of depicting a man’s superiority. Moreover, they also help create a direct relation between their beard growth and your levels of testosterone. As a man with beard, you are perceived to be not just dominating in bed, but to be defined, calculative and composed as well.

  • All great men have beards.

Beards are directly proportional to greatness. Throughout history, every man who has managed to achieve a name for himself has been connected to facial hair. Honor, prestige and social standing comes naturally as a symbol, if one sports a beard. Greatness, social standing, prestige are all personified images of a man with a beard. There is a sense of respect and admiration in the society for such a man. They are perceived to be mature, knowledgeable, and honorable. Moreover, some studies also state that a man’s competence and expertise automatically gets enhanced with a beard.

Today, the millennial world is driven by images and characteristics. Symbolism holds a deeper meaning in our lives as we all are heavily influenced by stereotypical images and social stimulus. These symbols and stimuli have generated an impact and have imprinted a hyper-masculine image of a man with facial hair. Facial hair are thus today promoters of dominance over the world, virility and a mark of honor and prestige!

Why would you want to stay behind then? Invest in beard grooming products today and enhance your credibility! Only you are standing in your own way of becoming the ultimate symbol of machismo.

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