4 stages of growing beard

The 4 stages of growing a beard: Your ultimate guide to turning into an alpha male!

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Toying with the idea of growing a beard for the first time?

Great decision! Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Do you know what to do? Probably not! That’s why you are here!

Do whatever you can, but do not just let it grow through and through!

For all the lost souls who are still trying to figure out a way to become the next alpha male, the ultimate masculine image, fret not! Everyone has been there! It might sound like an arduous journey, but it’s not. There are a few stages you need to cross to get the beard of your dreams, to have your chance at the full fuzz effect! Here is your ultimate guide to get to the finishing line like a man!

Stage 1

The 5 o’clock shadow!

This rugged look, or as we call it the “stubble” beginnings, is the easiest start to the journey of growing a beard! This is the first stage, almost all men can perfect. You can easily achieve this if you stop shaving for a while! But how long does it take for adapting to this stage? It is subjective. It totally depends on you! Hair growth being a subjective issue determines how long would it take for you to gain the masculine, yet stubble look! Though, on an average, it takes about a week!

Men who have darker hair tend to eventuate their stubble in about five days. However, people with lighter shades of facial hair would need a two-week window to actually get to this stage!

This is stage where you do not necessarily have to stop. This stage comes and goes away pretty quickly and hence, if you are aiming at being the alpha male, you need to let it grow! You are going to feel all sorts of things, scratchy, itchy and even irritated, but you do not have to stop! Instead, invest in a great beard oil and moisturize your beard and the skin beneath by massaging it into your newly grown stubble.

Enough about the stubble, let’s focus on your skin now! Growing a beard is equivalent to keeping your skin happy, since the two complement each other! By focusing on your facial skin just like your beard would make this stage not so “irritated”.  Always aim for not having a weird, patchy and uneven skin sitting just like that on top of your beard! Take care of your face by washing is regularly with good quality products, exfoliate your skin, and keep it clean at all times. Drink a lot of water and invest in eating more and more Vitamin C to make sure along with your new stubble growth, your facial skin looks great too!

Stage 2

No pain no gain!

Enough of this line being used as caption to our best gym selfies, this applies to your beard growth stage 2 as well!

This might be a tricky stage, however unlike most other men, you should never give up! You might have been enjoying all the masculinity, the stubble growth brought for you by not shaving for a while, but the stage that comes after this is not the best part of growing a beard. This initial masculinity might soon wear out and hence, it is time you bring out your razors again!

Trying to look stylish is going to be easy if you learn how to sculpt your beard! You do not want to look like an amateur drunkard. The technique is pretty easy. You simply need to structure your face with imaginary lines and decide where exactly your beard is supposed to be. How far do you want your beard to go down? Decide on the coordinates and apply some shaving gel to the rest of the area, which is not really needed. Preferably use a clear gel to know what you are doing! Once you have done this, shave in a downward position, below the imaginary line on your neck. Repeat this exercise by deciding the “coordinates” for your face as well. Once you have decided an upper line, shave! However, be careful with your face. When it comes to your face, shaving in one movement works wonders, especially from the side of your face by pulling the razor across in a downward movement.

This second stage does not simply end here. There are few more essentials that as a potential alpha male, you must know!

You still need to focus on your face, by washing and exfoliating it regularly. Do it at least twice, every day. You need to make sure you are massaging your products well on your skin, your forehead and on and near your Adam’s apple. Moreover, never, I repeat, NEVER neglect the skin under your stubble beard. This might be the time your stubble is making you look enchanting, but the skin under your stubble still is peeping through. Take care of it!

Why are we focusing on exfoliating your skin? Simple, to make sure not just your skin is super clean, but also there are no ingrown hair! Ingrown hair are Lucifier to your new beard, never let them get into your way of growing into an alpha male!

Another thing you would want to make sure at this second stage is that you are still keeping your stubble beard and skin moisturized, or all hell is going to break loose for you! You are not just going to be even more scratchy and itchy, but also more irritated. If you still haven’t invested in a good beard oil, now is the time! (P.S. Beard oils and beards are best friends!)

If you still are not convinced about investing in a good beard oil, here are some more reasons-

  • Beard oils make up for a great beard.
  • They will give your beard the nourishment it requires.
  • It will also soften your facial skin beneath the stubble growth.
  • Oh, you want one more? Well, your beard is going to grow into a much softer and healthier one!  ( P.S. a great investment for your date nights! ).

Apart from a beard oil, you would also want to invest in a good quality beard shampoo! Think of all the smell under your armpit? Yes, it can come from your facial hair as well! Another reason to invest in a beard shampoo? It will help you get rid of beard dandruff.

Getting rid of these two problems requires a great beard shampoo, since normal shampoos cannot give you the best results, no matter how great they are! A normal shampoo will do nothing but dry your beard out (since they are made to cater to the needs on your head!). It is not a very good sight, to be honest! Nobody likes sharp and scratchy beards. Investing in a shampoo designed specifically for facial hair or beards is going to work wonders for you in the long run.

Stage 3

The penultimate stage!

This is the stage, where your beard is going to be bushy and full-on!

There are going to be thick patches of beard, all across your face and your neck. However, this is also not where you stop! This is still not the alpha male stage! You are just an owner of a messy bush on your face, and not a stylish beard. This is the stage where most men would be frustrated and are likely to give up. But, this is the last hurdle you need to cross to get what you desire!

The reason why most men would give up at this stage is because they would find random patches in their beard growth. Spotting a random color or even bald spots are common. If you are a man trying to grow black facial hair, spotting ginger or even grey patches across your beard would freak you out, but you need to man up and deal with it! Either leave it alone, or simply dye it out! Though dying your facial hair is not a great option, but if it works for you, then why not!?!

What about the bald patches though? Hmm, well they are surely tough to get past by, however, not totally impossible! The beard oil you invested in before this stage? Say hello to your new best friend again! The nutrients and the essential oils in a great beard oil are going to help you get rid of the bald patches by promoting growth out of them. This might take a while, but giving up is never an option!

Stage 4

The proud Alpha Male!

This stage shouldn’t even be a stage, since probably by this time, you do have the perfect beard! But, here is the twist! Do you know how to maintain your alpha male image? Probably not! There is still some homework left to do!

In the coming few days, you might see areas in your beard growth, especially you moustache going all over the place, wild to be honest! The hair from your moustache might be falling all over your upper lip. Cutting and trimming, however, is not the answer though! Not yet! But, you still would not want to be looking forward to your meals being romantically entwined with your moustache. (Yes, it is the worst and has happened to the best of us! )  But, what can you exactly do to tame your rebellious moustache from mingling with your business?

Invest in a moustache wax!

Moustache wax is going to rule your life by mending and fixing your facial hair that are trying to go out and out! The wax is not just going to rule your moustache by keeping it in its original place, as styled by you, but is also going to keep it soft and manageable!

Simply rub the moustache wax on your fingers, warm it up a little bit and start applying the wax starting from the center of your moustache, going to carefully to your edges. A moderate amount of moustache wax would work wonders for you, if you are opting for a subtle and a natural look. You can also take some extra help, if you want! You could take a moustache comb to spread the wax evenly and accurately.

If you are having some troubles with the wax, simply take a hair dryer and heat up some of the wax before you use it. Not only will the wax be more manageable this way, but will also give you excellent results. A moustache wax is truly your significant other in your journey to become an alpha male!

Oh, and yes! It is still very important that you are taking care of your skin. Keeping it maintained and nourished at this stage becomes even more important! You would still want to continue using your face washes and exfoliators, twice every day. Continue washing your beard hair with a beard wash, and massage the beard oil to your beard every once in a while.

Always remember, taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do to yourself!

But wait! How long does it exactly take to have a full-grown beard?

Well, this question has subjective answers. Though a full-grown beard could take about 6-7 weeks to come out, it still would depend on a person’s hair growth pattern. Your journey to beard growth is completely in your hands. With proper tips and tricks you can make this experience pleasurable!

Once the beard comes out, your style of carrying it would come out naturally too!

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