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A Romantic Date Night?
Doesn’t this phrase take you over the moon?

Ahaan! Who wouldn’t want to make those beautiful hours memorable and special? A well-groomed impeccable man can make his lady feel like the queen of the night. For men, the first thing that strikes our brain when we talk about grooming is Beard. ‘Beard’ is the new black. And a well-groomed beard increases your chances to make her gaze at you for hours. Why it is important to groom your beard for a date night  . A date night is a night when you can make yourself accessible to being loved-up. Also to being touched, cuddled and kissed. The unkempt beard is a big no-no for those special moments. Take your beard game so high that she can’t keep her eyes off your face and you succeed in scoring an affectionate face hug. But gentlemen, let not your beard be the thorns to her delicate face. A Pro tip: A trim is obligatory – Irrespective of the length. Impression

First impression is important. It’s only once that you get a chance to create a first impression, so get geared up. Beard to men is an important facial accessory that can take you long in a date game.  A properly trimmed beard creates the impression that is long lasting and unforgettable. Make sure you light the fires of attraction and score the golden chance of a second date. A well-groomed bearded face will etch the deepest impression during your first few date meet and greets. Let us help you create an impression and take you ahead of the curve!

Smell Nice Men get attracted by the smiles and women get attracted by the fragrance. So, gentlemen let your beard do the talking tonight! Let your beard’s fragrance speak volumes that she can never forget what your bearded face smelled like. Get few steps closer to beard domination with our specialized products from gangs of beard. Check out our products to help your beard grab her attention! Gangs of Beard is your saviorGo beyond, what an average bearded men do with their beard. From growing the beard, keeping it in shape, and, maintaining it, we have covered all the products that can prove handy to you for your special dates. Keep your mane healthy, conditioned, and, lustrous with our beard oils and beard lotions. Here are some fail-proof quick tips to groom your beard that can help you sail through to date. Now, with us take your best self forward.

  • Trim your beard beforehand. Before you get out, trim your beard according to your face shape. A freshly shorn neckline is the new IN.
  • Take a shower to get off those trimmed hair lying on your face.
  • Comb your beard to unfold the locks.
  • Spritz some beard oil onto your hands and apply on your beard to condition it. Treat your fuzz to our nourishing beard oils as the aim is to tame the beard and make it look resplendent.

So, Handsome! You are set for a big date.





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