Managing different stages of Beard Growth

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Lads, No Shave November is on full throttle! Some of you are pros at growing out your Beards and yet some of you are new on the Beard wagon. So we thought we’ll do a write up on different stages of your Beard Growth and how to manage it.

From sprouting of the facial hair to a fully developed manly mane there are certain phases every Beardsman goes through. Every man has a different beard growth journey depending on their Beard texture and how fast (or slow) their Beard grows. The key however is patience and preparation. So here goes:

l  Stubble – Day 0 to Week 2

Stubble, as most of you are aware of is the simplest stage of the Beard growing process. You simple start with not shaving for a few days and you have a stubble. However, this stage is crucial as far as preparation is concerned. You gotta start off with oiling that stubble with a Beard Oil from end of week 1 to ensure you have a healthy Beard Growth for the later weeks and also to ensure that you avoid Beard itch. You can even use a Beard Softener which is excellent in avoiding Beard itch.

l  Messy – Week 3 to 6

This is the beginning lads. Get past the stubble phase and you’ll step into the domains of a warrior. The messy stage is where the real itch sets in and your appearance will be different to what people around you have been used to. The itch will test your patience and your near and dear ones will test your beliefs and confidence. More than managing your Beard this stage is all about the strength of your character. STICK TO YOUR GUNS and one thing is assured, the very way you look at the world will change. You’ll start respecting your independence as a man and start stepping out of your comfort zone. You’ll be better off managing the messy stage by starting to wash your Beard with a Beard Wash (to keep it clean) and applying Beard Oil or Beard Softener (to moisturize and soften your Beard). More importantly, you need to start giving your Beard Growth some direction. So start combing or brushing your Beard and Moustache with a Beard Brush or a Beard Comb.

Growth Stage: Week 6 to forever

NOW WE’RE TALKING! If you’ve gotten to this stage then ‘YOU’RE THE MAN’. Some of you would want to take your Beard Growth to Zeus Level and keep it growing forever whereas some of you would want to give it shape by trimming it and maintaining the length. Whatever path you choose, know that at this stage your facial skin will be stripped off its natural sebum. So if you weren’t washing and oiling that Beard in the previous stages, then you really need to do that now. Lack of sebum will result in split ends and breakage of your precious Beard hair resulting in reduction of your Beard length.

Your moustache will also need some work. So use a Moustache Wax to give those whiskers shape and definition. Finish off with combing or brushing your Beard with a Beard Brush and Beard Comb. Using Beard Growth Products will be an added advantage. Beard Growth Oil and Beard Growth Supplements will boost your Beard Growth and also give your Beard all the nutrients that it needs to look glorious.

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The key, as we mentioned above is patience and preparation. Keep growing that Beard and make sure that it’s kept healthy and well groomed. Till our next blog, Happy Bearding.

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