How to grow the Perfect Beard

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Wanna Grow a Beard? Not sure how to grow one.

Well, you need to sit back coz we are here to help you with all your beard needs


But first things first, Congrats on choosing to be a beardsman. It’s lifestyle decision that will propel you towards realizing who you’re suppose to be as a man.


Growing a perfect beard is a dream of every man. Before you think of growing a beard just take note on two simple things: First, it takes a lot of patience as your beard growth may take months depending upon the length you wish to achieve. Second, throw away your razors. The second point here is imperative….seriously.


We’ve summed up a guide for you to growing the perfect beard.


  • Exercise your will power

The transition from a shaven face to a bearded face takes atleast 3 months. Let your facial hair go wild. You need to resist the urge to shave it off. Be strong and be determined. Remember, no scissors, no trimmers and definitely no razors during that time. Think about giving it shape only after these 3 months. Remember – the greatest of body builders work towards gaining size before shredding off the excess weight.


  • Know your skin

You should be aware of your skin type – whether it’s oily, dry, sensitive or normal. This helps in grooming your Beard in the right manner. For example, if you have an oily skin, then you should consider using a Beard Wash thrice a week as opposed to a Dry skin on which you should be using a Beard Wash once or twice a week. A Dry skin will also need daily use of Beard Oil.


  • Fight that Itch

No man on the Beard ladder is denied the itchy phase. It’s natural. The itchy phase kicks in 1 week into your Beard growth and lasts upto a month if not sooner. The itch happens due to the sharp edges of your Beard strands striking your skin. You can either fight it or use our Beard Softener (trust us it does wonders and it smells like heaven…..“that’s what she’ll say”). And don’t worry…once your Beard becomes slightly longer, “the itch too shall pass”.


  • Groom regularly


This is very important. Just because you’re letting your Beard grow wild, it doesn’t mean that you don’t look after it. There are certain do’s and don’ts with this.



Wash your beard twice or thrice a week (depending on your skin type) with a Beard Wash, Brush it and moisturize it with a Beard Oil. Infact, you should be using a Beard Oil on a Daily Basis. We’ve already done a blog on this. Click here to read it.



 Avoid products that contain alcohol, silicon or sulphate as they can be bad for your skin and Beard. The products should be mild and gentle. This also means not using products that are meant for your Hair or Body.



  • Hang on before giving it shape

We personally like to grow a Beards long and wild (of course you would’ve seen that in our videos). It’s hard to beat nature at what it does best. However, if you must give it shape, then we advise you to let it grow an inch longer than your desired length before shredding it to give shape. Why? Well you will end up taking a bit of weight (and length) off your Beard in your quest to shaping it. So grow an inch extra just so that you reach your desired length AFTER shaping it. Also, we suggest using a scissor and not a trimmer as you might end up taking out a little too much.


As with other things in life, good things happen with preparation. We’ve got some epic Beard Products, Beard Growth Products and Beard Kits that will help you grow the Beard of your Dreams. Get them by clicking here.


Till our next blog, Happy Bearding lads!


6 thoughts on “How to grow the Perfect Beard”

  • Hello there , can you please confirm whether I can grow Beard equally on both side. Before you respond let me tell you that I don’t have facial hair on my Chick and also would like to tell you that the Beard on my right side of face is less as compared to other side.
    Please suggest me a product which will grow Beard on my Chick as well as right proportion of hairs to both side.

  • I have got patchy beard, want it to grow thick.
    Have got ur product I.e beard growth oil, need a suggestion on how to use d same ????

  • Hello, i have heard about your product regarding beards. So, my question is i have little bit beards grown on my cheeks its not even thicker so grow my beard very thickly and more. And one more what is the use of growth capsules, i eagerly waiting for capsules because presently there is no stock when can i expect the capsules to available in the stock…

  • I m Rajveer Saini from Ludhiana punjab. My age is 23… I just wanna grow full beard in 5 to 6 months.. Its important… I have very patchy beard like nothing… Plz suggest me the best my phone number is 8054431779

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