To Beard or Not to Beard

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Sure you know about Gangs of Beard and our relentless efforts on promoting Beardism across the globe. We’ve had the privilege to hear out many of you and realized that all men want is more. We can’t help it….we’re just programmed to operate in this manner.


Growing a Beard is natural. It’s what you do to realise your full potential as a man. In the stillness of your mind, you’ll realise that you need to sit back, relax and let your Beard sprout in all its glory. But inspite of all the inner voices, some of you are still not sure about growing your Beard. The reasons could range from external factors like Family/ spouse pressure, job requirements and societal norms or even internal factors like itchiness and patchy Beard. We’ve been through all the nagging and the troubles of grooming our beards and as much as we’d like to pretend to understand your plight we quite frankly don’t get why should it stop you from growing a Beard. The question therefore arises – “To Beard or not to Beard”.


We’ll tackle this by first going through each problem (or excuse) you face that discourage you from growing a Beard. We’ll then help you with the solutions.


Problem 1: Family/spouse/ girlfriend – Get one thing straight, unless you’re not living on this planet, the people closest to you – your parents, wife or girlfriend will always mock you for growing out your Beard. When you start out growing your beard you will be given threats such as – we’ll chuck you out of the house, we’re breaking up etc etc.


Solution: Relax! We’ve all been there. Learn to live with these tantrums and in no time they will all learn to live with your Beard. Every single Bearded guy we know has been told off by their loved ones. Stick to your beliefs and you’ll be amazed by the respect they have for you just because you decided to stand up for yourself (true story).


Problem 2: Job requirements – We’ve received countless emails by our members asking us ways to get around this. Many of you have succumbed and sacrificed your Beards just because you were forced to shave. We feel you – This one is a bit tricky (or may be not).


Solution: We don’t want you guys to be unemployed. Career goals are important and you should be respectful towards the authority at work. But standing up for yourself doesn’t mean that you’re going against the authority. The good news is that this is the 21st century and people are a lot more open than what they use to be. As long as your Beard is neat and tidy, then most of you shouldn’t really have any problems dealing with your bosses. So here’s what you can do:

  1. a)Choose a middle path – You don’t need to grow a full blown beard. A well groomed beard which is neatly trimmed is sometimes good enough to keep your boss happy. The idea here is to be professional and the best part is that you already have a start just incase you decide to grow it further.
  2. b)Groom your Beard and moustache: You should ensure that your Beard is neat and tidy at all times. So wash it with our Beard Wash, use Beard Oil or Beard Softener and don’t forget to shape up your Moustache with our Moustache Wax.


Problem 3: Society: If you’re worried about the society, then this is a bigger problem than Problem 2. Many of us bow down to the wishes of the society and do things simply to please others and give up on the things that we want – one of them being shaving off your face forest.


Solution: Don’t be a football of other people’s opinion. Be the master of your own destiny and dictate your terms to people around you. Change how you think and you’ll see the world around you change for the better.


Problem 4: Itchiness: The itchy phase is what most men go through for about 2-3 weeks at the beginning of their beard journey. Some endure it whilst others give up and shave off their Beard.


Solution 4: Take it like a man. It’s just a tickle on your face. If at all you can’t endure it, then use our Beard Softener. It soothes the skin, fights itchiness and gives shine to your Beard (smells great too).


Problem 5: Patchiness: Some of you have a patchy beard which stops you from letting you grow the beard of your dreams.


Solution: It essentially boils down to Genetics. But so what! There are lots of ways to tackle patchiness:

  1. a)Find a style that works best for you: You needn’t have a full beard. Go for a French style beard or mutton chops or any style which does justice to the facial areas that have more beard growth.
  2. b)Let your Beard grow: Some of you have small patches that can easily be covered off only if you let your Beard grow. Most men don’t have a perfect beard. It’s the high density of their Beard in certain areas that adds character to their Beard. So focus on what’s right, work on increasing the growth and ignore the smaller patches that will eventually be hidden away.
  3. c)Use Gangs of Beard Growth Products: We have Beard Growth Products that include Beard Growth Oil and Beard Growth Supplement. These are all natural products that work on enhancing the thickness of your Beard.


So there you have it. If growing a Beard is still not for you, then that’s totally cool (hope you had a good read though). But if you want to grow a Beard but were unsure, then we hope that we’ve managed to convince you to get onto the Beard Bandwagon.


Facial hair is something that many men want more of. To be honest, its no rocket science – you just throw away your razor and let it grow. What requires consideration however, is how to groom it. And that’s exactly why Gangs of Beard came into existence – To provide you lads with the best Beard Care Products to keep your Beard game on point. Till our next blog lads, Happy Bearding.


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  • I am 33 and my beard growth is very poor ..! Is there any number/mail, I can send the pic that by seeing u could give suggestions accordingly !!

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