Why does your beard stops growing?

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God Damnit! Why does my beard not grow any more? Have you ever asked this question to yourself and does your beard actually stops growing beyond a certain point? Well we keep hearing these questions from our members so we thought of doing a write up on this.

There is nothing more fair in this world than mother nature. It has bestowed us with all the things needed to make life a celebration. However, the caveat to this is that there is a limit to all the things that nature offers and this applies to your Beard Journey too. As your Beard grows there comes a point where it seems to just not grow any further (this applies to your hair and body hair too). That point is called the Terminal Length.

What is Terminal Length?
Terminal length is the maximum growth potential of the hair. Every man has a different terminal length – some may hit it at 6 months of their beard growth and some men may hit it at 6 years. As a matter of fact different parts of your facial hair will have different terminal lengths. For example the beard on your chin may be longer that the beard on the sides.

Factors affecting Terminal Length
Many of you would want to breach your terminal length in order to maximise your Beard Gains. But to do so, you must understand the factors that affect it. So here’s a list of things that affect your Terminal Length

1. Genetics

You may have heard this before, but genes do play an important role in determining your Beard growth. But most of us don’t have Zeus like genes. So keep on reading.

2. Lack of oiling

We’ve kept emphasising the importance of Beard Oil in earlier blogs. You just can’t grow a healthy long beard if you aren’t using a Beard Oil. Beard oil supplements the sebaceous glands to give your beard the much needed nutrition to grow long and strong. Moreover, it prevents hair breakage and split ends. We even have a Beard Growth Oil which is a blend of natural herbs and oils that will whip out your dormant beard to active growth.

3. Using chemical based products

Alot of you are guilty of using gel based waxes/ fixers on your moustache and beard and even normal shampoos on beards. These can hinder your beard growth. We find it hard to fathom why would anyone use these strong chemicals on their face. Just to let you know gel based waxes have the same chemical as a stationary glue. Would you still use it? Switching to a natural moustache wax and a gentle beard wash would definitely do your beard good. Beard wash also helps in maintaining a healthy skin underneath resulting in better beard texture.

4. Excessive straightening

Beards are not perfectly straight. Infact most beards are curly. But in our quest to have dead straight Beards, we resort to using harmful chemicals, flat irons and blow dryers. You’ll be better off not having a beard in the first place. Not only will it slow down your Beard Growth by stripping off essential nutrients but will most likely have a damaging affect on your facial skin. If you must straighten your beard, then apply a heat friendly lotion before using a hair dryer. However, straightening creams are a strict no no for your facial skin and hair.

5. Poor Diet

A poor diet causes lack of nutrients which are necessary for hair growth. You need to have a balanced diet with the right amount of protein, carbs, green vegetables and lots of water. You can even opt for our Beard Growth Supplement that has a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural extracts that help in boosting your beard growth.

So as much as the Pandits shall say that the length of your beard is genetics, you can do your bit in adding inches to your beard by looking after it well. Hope you guys found this helpful and until our next blog – Happy Bearding Lads!

2 thoughts on “Why does your beard stops growing?”

  • Hi

    I have no or very less beard on my face only on chin area is it possible to have full beard for me if yes then what is required..


  • Hi
    I have no or very less beard on my face only on chin area is it possible to have full beard for me if yes then what is required..

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