Beard – A reality or a passing trend

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Fellow Lads! We’ve been reading a lot of stuff around how Beards are becoming a trend these days and a lot of questions are being raised around how long will this go on for? To be honest, as much as flattering it may be for us to know that Beards are in vogue, it actually is quite annoying reading these articles. Truth be told – Facial hair has always been a trend. Why? Well it’s simple. You are man and it’s but natural for men to have facial hair. That’s how it’s been ever since human beings stepped on this planet.

Gods, Kings, Warriors, Global Leaders, Actors and Men like you and I have proudly sported a Beard at some point of our lives. Where did this talk of trend even come about?? There is no denying that the styles of Beard may have changed over the years but facial hair has always been around. We had the mutton chops (or Wolverine Beard) popular in the 70s, moustache in 80s, Frenchie in the 90s, stubble in 2000s and now we have Full Blown Beards as the order of the day.

For the skeptics, there’s another reason why we think that Beards, especially now are only going to be seen on more and more faces. Over the past few years, we’ve become far more independent than ever before. This has translated to us not bowing down to societal pressure in matters pertaining to our careers, partners or even how long we grow our facial hair. We are a lot more comfortable in expressing ourselves to the world in a manner that we deem fit. So world, prepare yourself for wilder and longer beard.

Now if you aren’t a Beard grower, we’ve summarized a few reasons why you should be growing a Beard:

  1. Saves time

Life is far too short to be spending 10 minutes in front of the mirror rubbing a sharp piece of metal on your skin every morning. 10 minutes multiplied by 365 days equals 60 hours of your life. You could do so much with that time like building a plan for your new business idea, learn a new language or better, just grow a beard – the possibilities are just endless. Now your Beard requires maintenance too. But how long does splashing Beard Oil and washing your Beard in the shower take? And take our word for it; the passion you display towards your Beard will extend to other areas in life (your welcome)

  1. Acquaint yourself to your heritage

You would’ve heard this one before but we thought that we’ll reiterate it. Your Beard is only trying to come out of your face. It is how you were supposed to be as a man. All you need to do is embrace it and let it grow.

  1. Turn heads around like a Boss

Ever found yourself staring a man who is proud of his Beard. Well it’s not you, It’s him. A Beardsman would be above what the society thinks of him and it’s his confidence of walking like a King that makes head turn around. So don’t let the world tell you what to do. Be the master of your own life.

  1. Be part of a Brotherhood

There is this unsaid brotherly feeling amongst Beardsmen. Anytime one beardsman crosses another beardsman, there is this mutual admiration exchanged between the 2 – a connection that only those 2 gentlemen will understand. A few days back, our team went trekking in the Himalayas where we met a crew of bearded guys who also happened to be camping at the same spot as us. Do you want to guess what the ice breaker was?

So, lads, Know that your own facial real estate is not a trend. It’s going to be with you for the rest of your life. Just give it the opportunity of what it does best – and that’s growing out with glory. We’ve got some epic Beard products, Beard Growth Products and Beard Kits that you can get from our website – And don’t worry about the itchy dry phase, we’ve got a Beard Softening Lotion that will take care of it.

Hope you liked this blog and are looking forward to our next one. Till then, Happy Bearding Brothers.

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