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How are you furry brothers? It’s been a while since we wrote a blog…Sorry about that, but we’ve been working hard on coming up with more exciting content (yes another ad is on its way and more products are going to come your way very soon).


You already know that Beards are an extension of who you are as a man Gangs of Beard stands for a whole lot of things and one of them is about maintaining your Beard in a manner so that you keep your beard game to its highest level. One of the most important ways of achieving this is using Beard Oil. So in this blog we’ll educate you about Beard Oil, its usage, its benefits and all the other good stuff.


What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a specialized Oil, crafted just for beards to give it the nourishment and shine which makes it worthwhile keeping a Beard in the first place. Only a Beard that is healthy and well nourished is conducive to growth. A good Beard Oil uses a blend of multiple oils such as Argan, Almond, Sesame Seed, Olive and Coconut Oils which give your facial skin and hair Vitamins and Fatty Acids needed for a longer and fuller Beard. These oils are also known to absorb easily into the skin which help in supplementing the sebum produced in the follicles. Now you may ask what is Sebum and why should you care. If that question occurred, then that was a good question. You have these glands called sebaceous glands under your skin that produce an oil called Sebum. The sebum lubricates your Beard and prevents it from breaking off. As the Beard grows, the finite amount of sebum falls short in keeping your Beard healthy leading to Beard breakage and slower growth. The Beard Oil provides the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep it growing.



Why to use beard oil?

As mentioned above, your Beard oil is an essential in your grooming arsenal. It is a power-packed product and has many benefits (apart from the ones mentioned above)::

  • Think of Beard oil as food for your Beard. Only a well nourished Beard will look smooth and lustrous and feel soft.
  • It hydrates the skin underneath the beard, thus preventing beardruff, dryness and itchiness.
  • It helps in transforming your wild beard into a nourished and well-behaved one.
  • It moisturizes the hair follicle and prevents your facial hair from being brittle.
  • You can use the Oil on your Moustache too!


When and how should I use Beard Oil?

The best time to apply Beard Oil is right after shower. Its when your hair is clean and the pores of your skin are open allowing the oils to absorb easily. Before applying the Beard Oil, make sure your beard is dry. Apply evenly across your Beard and facial skin by massaging gently. Finish with combing or brushing your Beard.


If you’re new beard grower you can get our Beard Oil from our online store by clicking here. If you already use Beard Oil, you could perhaps consider giving our epic Oil a go. It smells better than a bed of 1000 roses!


Stay Tuned for more Bearded Brother! Till then, keep it growing and grooming!



About Gangs of Beard

Gangs of Beard is a one stop shop for all your beard grooming needs. We have a wide range of beard and moustache grooming products. For more sculpted and hydrated look try our Beard Softener, Beard Wash and much more! We are committed to providing you with the best.


  • Hello !
    Actually I wanted to grow beard and now I m 20 and I dont know why my facial hair is not grown I use home remedies also but still it can’t grow.
    Is this beard oil helps me to grow my facial hair

  • Hi my self kapil. I have an query actually i have very less beard at my face. The growth of beard like an French cut there is no hair on cheek. So tell to me what i do for growing of my beard.

  • I want to ask that on my face there is little beard only downside and my age is 19and half years..
    Can this oil help me to grow full beard.
    Please reply i am waiting.

  • Hello I am a 27 yrs old guy but has very less beard like a teenager. I have a light moustache & very less beard under my mouth. It is like French cut & beard doesn’t​ grow in my cheeks. I like light beard not huge hairs covering the entire part of lower face. What should I do ?

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